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I'm sick of running desk tops and trying to flit between them, forgetting memory sticks etc etc.

I've decided to use one PC, ie a laptop making business more portable, but I've just been in PC world and am about to have an anuerism.

I run Office, quite heavily with about 6 or 7 documents open at a time, I also run five or six windows simoultaneously for streaming media (Not Porn, but CCTV images)

I've been looking to spend about £400 but am open minded.

I want to be able to run wireless keyboard and mouse and plug in an external monitor when at the desk.

Ive seen 8GB - 1TB AMD processor or 4GB - 500GB-750GB with an intel i3 or i5 processor.

both betweeen £330 - £429 but it seems that for the intel you compromise memory and ram.

Is there anything wrong with AMD for my needs?

Or should I say **** it, **** bdget and get a mac book which does far more than i'll ever need.

Geek advice much appreciated.
If you're doing a lot of imagery on it, the quality and capacity of the graphics card needs to be fairly high. That may make more difference than just having a faster processor.

Have you considered sticking with the desktops but using cloud storage so that your files follow you around? However good a laptop may be, it's still an unhappy compromise. And squinting into a 15" screen for hours on end monitoring CCTV won't do anything to reduce The Headaches and The Voices.

And if you really are going for a laptop, Apple Mac Book Pro with 15" retina display would be my recommendation. Recently binned all me and the missus' PC stuff and replaced it with iMac, Mac Mini, Mac Book Air and a couple of tablets. Not regretted it for an instant.
Will the CCTV software work on a Mac, worth checking.

Edited to add :- Also check any work specific software, none of my Design, ordering or manufacturing software have a Mac version, and it doesn't play well on 'simulators' on Mac's.
P_G - check out Tier1 online, for a Lenovo Thinkpad T420.

Intel i5 CPU, 8GB RAM, 320GB HD, decent screen, DVD drive, wifi, bluetooth, VGA and DisplayPort. And Tier1 are superb, these are second user machines, but you wouldn't think so opening one up, they are in superb condition. So impressed, I've bought three T420s in the last six months from them.

For business use, Thinkpads are superb.


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nowt wrong with older kit. just aim for your desktop spec. keep the desktop for backup, storage and printing.

I agree with lenovo as they are reasonably resistant to bashing when you get the business machines. I used to buy ex corporate machines for personal use as they usually still had 2 years warranty with them.
If you're doing a lot of imagery on it, the quality and capacity of the graphics card needs to be fairly high. That may make more difference than just having a faster processor.
As far as I am aware, laptops do not have graphics cards but rely on an onboard chip, the specifications of which are rarely stated at retail level.

Unless the laptop is to be used for high end games or highly intensive 3D studio rendering, most reasonably new laptops are more than capable of handling any business graphics applications with ease.


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go for a toughbook, getac or dell xps then. something you can beat a jehovas witness to death with and still access your emails.
The T6x series had a pretty robust magnesium case, though 'only' Intel Core2Dual processor (still more than adequate for business apps). The T420 is pretty robust, and you can easily replace the HD with an SSD for greater resiliency (and much faster operation)
Gay colour aside, this is what I was looking at.

HP Pavilion g6-2244sa 15.6" Laptop - Ruby Red Deals | Pcworld

I should point out that I am buying a sort of budget PC because I am a clumsy fuckwit who will lose, break, swim, swamp, smash and generally mistreat it. I expect to go through one every twelve months.
I've always used AMD processors in desktops (self-built) and my laptop. You get a lot of bangs for your buck and I've never had the slightest problems with them.

Having decided on your choice of laptop, I would steer clear of PC World and take a look on a site like where you will get the same model (or the same spec model) a good deal cheaper and with the same warranty.
Mac book, with retina display.

Macs don't run a million and one things in the background so remain pretty sharp.

I got mine free from the OU because I'm a spacka.

I could arrange for you to have your legs whipped off if you don't fancy paying for it. Even one might suffice.
There are some really good Gaming laptops which can run any modern PC Game i know you don't want it for that but if a laptop can run a modern FPS game crunching numbers is no problem in the slightest, of course for a decent i7 Gaming laptop you would need to pay quite a bit more than 400 but i think that the initial pain is offset by the fact that a gaming laptop tends to be upgradeable unlike most other laptops which go out of date as soon as you take them out of the shop. i bought a laptop classed as a Desktop replacement which is easily as upgradeable as my desktop is, you can Google Desktop replacement laptop and it brings up alot of companies that will build to order from a basic chassis again though they are more expensive than a basic of the shelf version.

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