laptop advice - for my 11 year-old

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Bravo_Bravo, Dec 26, 2008.

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  1. Seasons bleatings and all that.

    No. 2 daughter is looking to buy a laptop for schoolwork in the main - any tips? Looking for reasonable web connectivity; seen this one
    and wondered if it looked any good.


  2. thanks for the swift reply but a bit OTT!

  3. lol schoolwork is no chore for it though!
  4. msr

    msr LE

    Personally I would not recommend a laptop for one so young.

    Better to get a desktop with a separate keyboard, so if anything does get spilled, it will be £15 rather than a new laptop. Likewise with a pen getting jabbed into the monitor.

  5. MOD has spoken lol
  6. Get an Acer from ebay nice base model
  7. First things first - Does any of your daughter's course work run on Linux? (I may be wrong on this point but no doubt some-one will correct me) If it doesn't, then the Acer from Amazon is not going to be much use. The screen is quite small as well.
    MSR is quite right about the desktop: A separate keyboard can be had for very little money but a desktop does not have much street cred these days.
    There are companies that do recon laptops and they also give warranties with them as well. These would be the people to look for.

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  8. An Emachine 511* series are good solid laptops almost bullet proof

    15.4 inch laptop
    dvd player
    can go up to 1 GB RAM
    120 GB HDD

    can run most applications especially if you use openoffice.

    What price range are you looking at for one?
  9. True but you can setp up her account on the laptop, if u have her in the living room may have too many distractions.

    if she is on the pc in the living room and someone else needs it etc etc

    My daughter is quite young and she has got one, no dramas with it (touch wood).
  10. I've seen them going for well under £200 - like this one IRO £170.
    Sound points raised, thanks.
  11. If you are in the UK m8 just go to any store and barter a deal, credit crunch and all you may get a good deal else try gumtree
  12. Well, at 11 years old she's probably in year 7 and shouldn't have to worry about coursework until year 10 (even then a lot subjects are getting rid of coursework now).

    I really don't see the need for a laptop yet, but a desktop with most of the office programs (publisher, word, excel, powerpoint and later on programs such as access) should well cover what she should encounter. She shouldn't need to use it for huge amounts of time each week.

    That is, unless school ICT use has quadrupled in the year I've been out of mainstream education, in which case a separate laptop may be in order.
  13. msr

    msr LE

    That Dell one looks like it will do the trick.

  14. Im sorry but a desktop is not going to make her happy im young and everyone wants a laptop not a desktop, she will want to be in her room talking to freinds on msn n stuff :)