Lap top running slow

Discussion in 'Hardware - PCs, Consoles, Gadgets' started by Count.Dracule, Nov 5, 2010.

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  1. Sorry for being a retard when it comes to IT, but OA has problems with her laptop, only a year old and i have seen quicker slugs belt it across the garden, compared to her PC.

    Loaded AVG 2011 free stuff, run AVG PC tune up, run scan disk and defrag and still the slug is winning....

    Any ideas?
  2. First, remove all temp Internet Files and cookies, if its Internet Explorer, Tools, Internet Options, Delete Browsing History. Then download SUPERANTISPYWARE and run it. It will remove any malware that may be lurking. I will hazard a guess the laptop is running Windows Vista, if so, try, Start, All Programs, Accessories, System Tools, Disk Defragmenter. This may take a while but should make it quicker.
  3. allso look into "startup" and click off the things you dont use,, you dont loose them there still there in programes
  4. If all else fails you an use the msconfig command to seriously strip out what runs at start up. i would advise against using this unless you have good advice or know what your doing, its very easy to screw the entire OS using this, but it can also super speed boot up.
  5. Uninstall AVG, run crap cleaner as above, install Microsoft Security Essentials, advise I had from MSR!
  6. ^^ What he said - AVG will make all but a top-notch computer a sloth these days. Avast do a free edition which has a lower overhead, worth a pop.
  7. If it's Vista or later, it should be on auto defrag anyway. I would also get rid of AVG and install Avast freeware. If none of this stuff as advised here works, find a good local Computer Technician and have it totally reinstated. That means everything stripped out, all drivers updated and etc and it will be returned like new,but with just IE and Vista Premium or whatever basics, leaving you to add your favs.. If any Technician wants more than £45 for this, he's a robber.

    Can I just say that if ever a Registry cleaner pops up telling you that your Reg is/may be infected and it will check it out free for you..NEVER touch it, it is a virus and will lodge itself in your Reg and nothing will move it other than a complete reinstatement.

    Edited to add, it pays to have it done every three years, your PC will be corrupted and overloaded then anyway.