Laos, Cambodia or Vietnam?

Discussion in 'Travel' started by TheIronDuke, Feb 20, 2010.

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  1. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    If you had to spend a couple of weeks in one, on holiday avec wife, which one would you choose?
  2. Which do you prefer, little boys, women or kathoeys?
  3. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    Why don't you do all of them? It's easy enough. I was in Thailand last month and did 4 days in in Vietnam whilst there (Ho Chi Minh City), but found that was too long. If I had organised it better, I could have done the North too. Cambodia and Laos are only a stones throw from Thailand (next month will be my 7th time there in 14 months), and Air Asia is their version of Sleazy Jets - cheapo flights of aroung £30-80 quid return to most of the surrounding area. You can do Hong Kong and Bali too (I did, it was only about £100).

    Personally, i can't be arssed with Cambodia - Angor Wat is full of tourists from dawn to dusk, and Laos hasn't got a lot going for it from what I've heard. I was told Vientienne was nice, but aside from that - nowt much else.

    I would recommend Thailand (obviously :D ) as there is shed loads to do there and its cheap as chips.
  4. I believe you were in Phuket recently so you know the region.
    Though you don't specify what is of interest to you - beaches, bars, shopping, adventure travel etc.

    Laos one of the few remaining communist countries is a sleepy backwater compared to Thailand.
    It used to primarilly cater for backpackers, and in spite of them, retained a lot of charm.
    Now it has set its sites on the exotic boutique travel market promising "exotique" at thrice the price.
    Unless there is something specific that interests you [like history or eco tourism]
    I would still recommend Thailand specifically the North.

    Cambodia - EODMatt perhaps would give a different perspective no doubt.
    Again in comparison with Thailand unless you want to visit the temples of Angkor at Siem Reap
    which are stunning, I'm not sure what I could recommend in Cambo that what it has is not bettered in Thailand.

    I would suggest that Laos could be combined with Cambo to make a very different experience,
    to what you have already seen in Thailand.

    Vietnam - very different driven focussed people compared to the rest of SEA.
    Northerners not so amiable as the South.
    Incredibly interesting historically I would start in Hanoi and if you have time visit the mountains of Sapa
    & karst "mountain sea" of Halong that are stunning.
    Then head south to HCM [Saigon] for a different more relaxed pace & more normal holiday options.

    Burma is also worth considering, though not without its difficulties or concerns.

    It rather depends on what you & the memsahib want to do.
  5. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Meh. Theres the rub. I'm OK anywhere there is cheap beer and a hire car. And interesting things to do and people to meet. Which is why I love Thailand and Phuket. She likes starfishing on the beach all day (no cheap jokes please. I'm way ahead of you) then piling on the Bling and poodling about with rich gits.

    She thinks Las Vegas is fascinating FFS. I think its a cheap stopping off place for the Nevada desert and Death Valley. And Lone Pine, California. They let me shoot a stuffed Moose head in a bar in Lone Pine one time. Maybe I'll get a divorce and go back?

    She needs somewhere to plug her Carmans in. So backpacking is out. And if I've got only 2 weeks, its one Adios Airways internal flight, max.
  6. To be honest it sounds as tho all the countries surrounding Thailand would be of interest to you, whilst the comfort & convenience of Thailand or possibly Malaysia, Bali possibly even Sri Lanka would be of interest to her.
    If you are into scuba then Thai/Bali/Maldives/Malysian part of Borneo could be on the cards whilst she did her thing.
    Tho the rainy season will effect these countries at various different times.
    e.g. Thailand diving ends at the end of March until Oct/November.
    PM me if you want any further advice.
  7. I Prefer Vietnam. Let me share some of my experience towards it. The numerous panels featuring all the soldiers names were absolutely moving. Plenty of books around to look up the names and find out which section to find them in. You can do a rubbing of a name. I noticed though people trying to use ball point pens unsuccessfully as there was nothing but the paper provided. Definitely would return.

    The food is fantastic. Allow plenty of time and they don't accept plastic. This restaurant is the reason I have a checkbook. Also a great pick for vegetarians.
  8. Actually Vientiane is very quiet with naff all to do except shop at markets and shoot at the the Pistol Range. Luang Prabang and the Plane of Jars is where its at Laos wise.

    Vietnam is fun with good food. Saigon is again good for shopping and the Cu Chi Tunnels are brilliant - well the firing range 1/2 way round where I got through $300 worth of 7.62 Link, 5.55 and .45 ACP

    Cambodia is great. Phnom Penh is a 1 whole day town - Visit the markets and Toul Sleng then **** off. The Angkor Wat complex is fantastic. So its full of tourists - so what. Angkor Thom and Ta Prohm are brilliant. If you haven't booked PM Me and I'll give you a list of places to stay.

    But I agree. Do the lot. 3 Weeks well spent.