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In today's Daily Hate, a long letter appeared written by a retired Sapper QMSI. In it he perhaps light-heartedly put forward two myths or brick-bats with which your honoured Corps is prone to lambaste Gunners.

The first concerned the lanyard, which he stated was in fact an emblem of Sapper courage recovering gunner colours (the guns) during the Crimean War. Hell's teeth most Sappers have the decency to pin the fake story on Gibraltar. From your own Corps museum I present the truth about this:

Lanyard - The Royal Engineers lanyard is navy blue and worn on the right shoulder. Since 19th century plain lanyards were used for securing the jackknife which was issued to all mounted troops. It was intended to be worn around the waist but soldiers soon found it to be more convenient to wear it on the shoulder with the knife in the breast pocket. The Royal Engineers, as did other corps and regiments of the British Army, introduced the lanyard to brighten up their battledress uniform in 1951.
He also did the traditional ubique versus "all over the shop" one. now I don't mind this and would admit to have played it back at you chaps myself. However he is, despite reaching a senior rank in your Corps, erroneous in thinking "Ubique" on the RE badge and cypher is in fact a battle honour. It is a "motto" in your case, a battle honour in ours.

There, that's better! I do of course forgive the QMSI, after all "evil be to him, who evil thinks"! :wink:
Erm...more like "SHOT LATE 139 OVER"!!
I was suggesting there was a fire mission and you had to run to your guns (Or run away from them).

I have footage of myself and a few other Royal Engineers firing the guns in Afghan. Keeping up traditions ;)


But out of choice and opportunity NT, not necessity or desperation.
sapper1743 said:
.........FFS ! This old chestnut.

May I humbly beg our esteemed Moderator to stop this dead now.


Indeed this old chestnut...which I hope your own Corps museum will be sufficient authority to stop this bolochs once and for all - although if QMSIs are writing it into national newspapers, then I fear even the power of arrse and efforts of reasonable men can be of no avail!
Hey Cuddles.

I'm at the Arboretum on Sat 5th.......its RA day there by the if you are there we can meet up for a cup of tea and a bacon butty and 'chew the fat'.

All the best mate



Ok - we've done lanyards to death elsewhere - although the opportunity to rip the piss out of the Royal Regiment is never to be missed.

Still I'll be a good MOD and kill this one. Dead. Like I'd prefer to be rather than be a gunner....
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