Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by ALL ARMS, Jan 26, 2011.

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  1. Hi
    Can anyone tell me what colour lanyards do the Yorkshire Regiment, Royal Regiment of Fusiliers and Royal Welsh Regiment wear?
  2. No idea, but the Royal Engineers wear blue ones.
  3. and the dropshorts wear WHITE
  4. Fang_Farrier

    Fang_Farrier LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I always wore a green one but then I wasn't in any of the units you mention.
  5. So Mitt pray tell us the story of why the Glorious Corps of Royal Engineers wears a nice BLUE lanyard and the Gobshite Cowardly Royal Artillery get to wear a spanking white one :D
  6. Just to prick your little bubble...

    The dropshorts should actually be the only regiment that carry a lanyard, (which is a bit of string used to fire a cannon as any fule kno..)

    Lanyards (proper ones) were made of cotton cordage which was pipeclayed to preserve it and maintian the requisite level of military bullshyte..

    Pipeclay is white!

    Everybody else with fancy coloured bits of string wrapped round their arms are just being gay..

    (And no, I am not a gunner)

  7. Gnash, chomp, grrrr. :)
  8. A lanyard is a rope or cord often worn around the neck or wrist to carry something. Usually it is used where there is a risk of losing the object or to ensure it is visible at all times. Aboard ship, it may refer to a piece of rigging used to secure objects. Alternatively it is a length of cord or wire with a hook at the end used to fire an artillery piece.

    Most military lanyards were worn to prevent the loss of one's pistol, sword or whistle. Please note the Gunners' claim to soverienty of the term lanyard is ill-founded and very much the 'alternative'.

    Meanwhile, we wear a jolly smart Royal Marines one in recognition of the close ties our forebears had with the Royals.
  9. Couldn't give a shit about the lanyard bollocks, but I do take offence to the bolded word.
  10. Fishing is good this morning :D
  11. Oh the old argument, excellent, how it answers the original question is yet to be worked out

    Just to clarify, the Royal Regiment DO NOT claim sole ownership of the lanyard as it wasn't only used to fire guns but used for all the things already mentioned also officers have a tradition in wearing gold fancy ones with ceremonial dress

    What the Royal Regiment of Artillery can claim however is that the use of a coloured lanyard used in barrack dress is a tradition we started, as in ORs wearing it with everyday use originally BDs (or whatever their predecessors were known as) to No2s, why white ? Because everything smart was white (belts, gaiters etc)

    The Royal Regiment has different rules for wearing the lanyard, for example Officers and Warrant Officers don't wear them and they are not worn in No1s, however the RHA, to be different, don't wear lanyards on 2's but wear a huge gold thing in their 1's

    They were pretty and everyone wanted them and thus the tradition was born

    Oh and the blue lanyard, just to clarify

    The Royal Corps of Signals wear it because they were spawned by Corps of Royal Engineers
    The Corps of Royal Engineers wear it because they evolved from the Board of Ordnance (which wore blue uniforms as opposed to the infantry red)
    The Board of Ordnance wore blue because the Artillery wore blue
    The Artillery wore blue because it hid the dirt from the gunpowder better than red and made them look smarter.

    Now lets have a few hundred ill informed "facts" about unreported acts of cowardice during unknown battles by people more than willing to report such unsubstantiated claims but when challenged mock you as they are not military historians, could give a toss anyway and make multiple claims that you are biting.
  12. There's fishing and there's fishing. As I said, I wasn't biting at the lanyard bollocks, but to call everyone who has served in the Royal Regiment, a coward is going too far! It is that and only that, that I am biting at!
  13. Wot he said....
  14. If you have access to Army NET you can read all about The Yorkshire Regiment's lanyards flicking through their Regimental Handbook. Too lazy or indifferent then lanyard colours are as follows... 1st Bn - Black, 2nd Bn - Brunswick Green, 3rd Bn - Scarlet, 4th Bn a lanyard combining all three colours. The 3rd Bn still wear their lanyard on their left shoulder because they still think 2006 (amalgamation) never happened.
  15. Royal Welsh don't wear a lanyard. Your not thinking of the hackle are you?