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  1. Why do RAMCs wear the lanyard on the right shoulder?
  2. because they are non-combatants !
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  3. Actually bedpan, I've done a bit of research on this subject myself. It turns out that during the Boer War the Medical Orderlies used to sling a small pouch of pornography over their shoulders in order to help pass the time on those lonely nights. I hope this helps. :pissed:
  4. Not all medics wear it on the right, PFA wear it on the left as it was presented during WW2.
  5. I thought it might have something to do with non-combatants.

    But, this question was posed to me by an MA(SM) (medical assistant, submarines) and he say's the guys on his course who wear lanyards except the RAMC wear theirs on the left?

    All people on the course are training to be/are medics and are therefore all non-combatants.
  6. Medics, and nurses wear the lanyard on the left

    not too sure about vets though - id presume on the left too.

    PFA/ 16 wear it on the right because they are attached to a teeth arm
  8. Lanyards are worn on the right by both QAs and RAMC. I had always been led to believe that this indicated their non-combatant status. Not sure about the history behind the RAMC lanyard, but QA scarlet and grey lanyard was introduced in 1942.

    Prior to then, QAs had worn a 'walking-out uniform'. However, during wartime, it was felt that this was an extravagance due to clothes rationing, and all QAs were issued khaki, the lanyard being used to distinguish them from others.

    Post-war, the QAs wore the same uniform as the WRAC, but again with the lanyard to distinguish them, and this continued when QAs moved into grey uniforms in 1952.

    All this information is in Juliet Piggott's book 'Queen Alexandra's Royal Army Nursing Corps'. For non-QA types, is still worth a buy as it is soft, strong and very absorbent :D
  10. I did say don't quote me. I simply said that I had been led to believe many years ago, the RA gave one up. If I'm wrong then I stand corrected. If it's due to being a non com then that would make sence as I know RADC also wear ther's on the right.
  11. I still doubt the whole on the right non-com thing

    RLC for example wear it on the left


    Whereas some infantry officers wear it on the right
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  12. Ive e-mailed the AMS museum for an answer, no reply as yet, maybe the all knowing Pete S and his gang dont actually know either!
  13. My unit, despite being Royal Signals, wears a white lanyard on the right shoulder due to being Royal Artillery in our history.
  14. Our Lanyard was first introduced in 1952, the colour being decided by the colour of the facings of our early uniform, as with our cherry backing, it has nothing to do with battle honours, the backing itself wasn't intorduced until 1956, just to serve as a distinction between other soldiers. As far as I am aware the only reason that it sits on the right shoulder is that it's where it was chosen by the officer introducing it.