Lanyard Trophy

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Tweety, Jun 2, 2008.

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  1. Does anybody know which unit is running the Lanyard Trophy this year?

    Also anywhere i can find out some information on it, how many in a team etc.

    Thanx :D
  2. 21 Sigs is hosting the event but the route is being kept hush hush this year.
  3. dont matter where it is. 216 will win
  4. Hitman, I think you will find your sentence should read:

    "It doesn't matter where it is, 216 Sig Sqn will win the Lanyard Trophy"

    1. Note the use of correct grammar, punctuation and correct unit title.

    2. Note the fact that the way I phrased it is less inflammatory.

    3. Slang has been replaced with words that actually exist i.e. don't replaces 'dont'

    I find posting this way makes me look less like an idiot with the writing skills of a 5 year old intent on getting everybody's back up with stupid little egotistical posts like yours, and more like someone who has something valid to say.
  5. As far as I'm aware there is no Lanyard Trophy this year.
  6. Lanyard is most defiantly on this year, Route is kept under close wraps so no one get an unfair advantage. Team letters have gone out to units and if any unit feels that they have not had a copy of the warning order then if you PM me and I will ensure that your unit gets forwarded a copy via the correct methods.
  7. I actually did the second ever Lanyard Trophy when it was just a Sqn only event, it's certainly changed over the years. It was just everyone at the start line and 'Go'. I think there's a couple of posters on here who did the first.
  8. Me I did it, finsh was in the cookhouse Arnhem Bks if I remember and the winner was the Training Wing staffy, OC C tp was second
  9. Thought it was you, Strings I think was the other one, didn't Rog T used to win most of them later on?
  12. Would like to say that cookhouse was the only place to hold the Admin and the prize giving. Bloody Fireman
  13. Ahh the Lanyard trophy, such fond memories. I did the training at 1 Div in 99', what a beasting. Six months of 5.30 wake ups and 1.5 hours of training then same again in the afternoon. Then after all that I get sent on a course and miss it....mind you it was P Coy so guess the training did come in handy !!

    Good luck to all who enter....

  14. Well my man,

    If corrections are the call for today then I am going to have to correct you too. The title for 216 should read

    16 Air Assault Brigade Head Quarters and Signal Sqn (216) or 16AABde (216).

    Lesson ends