Lanyard Trophy

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by troopie, Jun 29, 2010.

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  1. Good luck to everyone doing the Lanyard Trophy on Thursday :)
  2. Should be a good day, good luck to everyone (but not too much we want to win the TA comp!)
  3. who won what?
  4. The winners and the runners up I suppose.
  5. say again.....
  6. Regular male
    1st - ATC Pirbright A - 9hrs 9mins 11s
    2nd - 22 Sig Regt - 9hrs 23mins 25s

    Regular female
    1st - HQ SOinC(A) - 9hrs 57mins 24s
    2nd - 1 (UK) ADSR - 10hrs 43mins 18s

    1st - 39 Sig Regt (V) - 11hrs 06mins 46s
    2nd - 63 (SAS) Sig Sqn (V) - 11hrs 26mins 28s (also the first complete team to finish)

    1st - 18 (UKSF) Sig Regt - 10hrs 2mins 15s
    2nd - HQ SOinC(A) - 10hrs 48mins 4s

    A total of 43 teams took part. Well done to all who took part, despite the blisters I think most people will want to come back and do it again (I know I will!)
  7. cheers
  8. First time doing it this year and although the last 10 miles were painful I thoroughly enjoyed it. Really well run too. I can reccomend it to people but start your training months in advance!
  9. How was the course?
  10. Flat. An absolute piece of piss, hence the good finishing times of the winners. It was a bit demoralising to be passed by a team that was running after doing 30+ miles though!
  11. I blame the new coalition government - they ordered CO 10 Sigs to save ink by crossing less contour lines this year. It's bureaucracy gone mad. :p
  12. By the way, the photos from Lanyard 2010 are now on the ArmyNET Sharepoint Lanyard site. You will need to have an ArmyNET account obviously.
  13. Ah, mega. Cheers for that!