Lanyard Trophy 2008

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Shortstuff, Mar 4, 2008.

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  1. Does anyone know the dates or location for this years Lanyard Trophy? Any info would be greatly appreciated.
  2. WO will be at your units very soon, no other info is getting let out as it is all hush-hush!
  3. you tabbing it this year elmo??
  4. 11 Sep 08 no location yet
  5. Signal is out, organised this year by 21 Sigs - contact OC HQ Sqn for details.

    The route will not be issued until the day of the race this year, so some navigation will be required.....
  7. Except to the 21 Sigs Team? :twisted: cynical? Moi?
  8. Can someone pm me his address, my Adjt wants us to put a team in, if we can get an invite. It would be a real eye opener for the diggers, and a good trip on the urine too. :wink:
  9. Twelve Miles with forty lb's. I dont know a lot about it, but is this type of training good .............? no? What have the other years been like? I heard is was September this year though. !
  10. I'll pm the details when I'm back in work next week, unless someone else can help you out in the meantime?

  11. That would be most kind, thank you!
  12. Some idea of what part of what country its going to be would be useful.
  13. I heard today that its going to BRECON. . . .
  14. Yeah it is definitely in what was described to us as "a very hilly terrain in Wales" brain maybe feeble and female but even I am guessing (educated) that it will be Brecon. I also have inside info that 21 Sigs are going up there next months to tab through the check points. A bit odd if you ask me, as of course nobody is supposed to know the route!

    Call me a skeptic but.......
  15. Shouldn't be too difficult to find OC HQ Sqn 21 Sig Regt in Outlook surely? I know we're not all linked together by the magic of DII/F yet but have you tried searching?