Lanyard and Belt plate.

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by papegojan, Aug 30, 2006.

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  1. I am only in the ACF, and as such we have to acquire our own kit. My detachment has recently rebadged to Duke of Lancasters Regiment. I have managed to get most of the kit I need, but still need an OR buckle/ plate for No2 dress belt and a lanyard for No 2 dress. I have tried all the usual routes, including RHQ, google, ebay, speedbid cadet direct and silvermans, and these items seem to be like hobby horse 5h1t. Can anyone help?
  2. heres a firm from Liecestershire "INTRAMARK LTD" they will sort you out , i know they do all the kit u req the belt plates are chrome blanks you have to attach your cap badge on them i think they are about £7 each.

    phone no-- 01455 612400 they will have it packed and sent out within 24 hrs i use them a lot they are very good
  3. Thanks for the tip sludge. I contacted them and they didn't have any in stock, and wouldn't do single orders of either plate or lanyard. I tried contacting RHQ and they said, very politely, that I should contact my own battalion, as they put it. Unfortunately the ACF doesn't get a supply of this sort of kit on a regular basis but we as instructors are expected to have it. Anyone else help?