Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by UpNorthFighter, Mar 1, 2007.

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  1. To join the Corps do you have to be able to speak another language? And do you need to learn one among your training? Thanks
  2. Unfortunately 3 Languages are required:

    Arabic for Iraq
    Pashtu for Afghanistan
    Russian (Just in Case)

    As you would expect all the above need to be spoken like a native for all the dangerous undercover work you'd be expected to do.

    Plus, if you're not already able to down a man with a pistol at 300 yds then dont bother applying..............
  3. Actually no you don't but your language learning ability would be tested. Those with that aptitude and interest would be put forward for language training - something that supports both the Human Intelligence and Signals Intelligence disciplines.
  4. Spoilsport! He/She should have posted in the sticky threads.
  5. Sorry - I wasn't paying attention :yawnstretch: (And my first cup of tea has only just arrived).
  6. I'm tri-lingual and was turned down... !!!!!

    I speak fluent English, Danish and Boll@cks.

    Oddly they were very interested in my third language, but finally decided that it wasn't up to par.

    I did however pass the pistol test. I had a nine mil and a megaphone in a shopping mall and shouted GET DOWN! Mrs Turnpike and her 3 year old obliged at 350m. The slimes said I cheated though!... So much for initiative.
  7. That's because the Danes haven't been a threat since before Edgar the Unwilling decided to stay at home rather than join in the game of battleships with the Vikings off the coast of South Shields.
  8. What!!!! ... I've been sleeping here for 8 years! And you're telling me that the MOD aren't taking my comuniques seriously!!!!

    Trust me there are longboats lined up in Esbjerg... they're just waiting for the ice to melt.
  9. This has to stop NOW!!

    I don't see the Int babes getting any work done at all, once the Danish combat swimmers turn up.

    ( Danish Knut)
  10. I spent 15 years asleep in the Int Corps. I'd been gone 2 years before anyone noticed!
  12. This is true. From the perspective of a proper monarchy, which saw no need to import, successively, French, then Scots, then Dutch, then Germans to sit on the throne, the UK looks increasingly like a failed colonial experiment.

    Laenge leve Hendes Majestaet, Dronning Margerete II, Dronning af Danmark, de Vender og Goter, Hertuginde af Slesvig og Holsten osv osv.

    Sorry, just been to Scotland and currently despairing of the Union after a couple of deeply troubling conversations.
  13. 252 me - Does the pistol have to be silenced?

  15. would have thought it would have been right up your street as it is