Language Pay - Will you get it?

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Fraser, Aug 8, 2005.

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  1. Yes

  2. No - Wrong languages

  3. No - Right language, but shafted by the system

  4. Possibly, but I do not know what the criteria are

  1. Just out of interest, how many Arrse Linguists qualify for the Language Pay trial?
  2. Not me.

    You may think that was just a crap comment, but I am not a linguist yet I speak 2 other languages besides English.

    So what makes someone a linguist then?
  3. Is that an argument for the army, like many civilian companies, to appreciate...value and reward skill sets that they haven't provided but can be of infinate use to them, oracle?
  4. For one language - I provided the skill set using my own time and money. The other - well, that was provided by the Army, for use by the Army, but I am not classed as a linguist. Now why would that be?
  5. If you want to get recognition for linguistic ability, then you need to sit a MODLEB exam, their website is here.

    Just because someone doesn't have (L) at the end of their trade doesn't mean that they're not classed as a linguist. If a language qualification is on your docs you can be employed in a linguistic post appropriate to your qualification.

    As I understand it, anyone meeting the qualifying criteria for the Language Pay will be eligble to apply for it. The Language Pay trial is a tri-service venture, not just restricted to the (L) side of the Corps.
  6. Tri service venture - fine, I understand that, but what if you are not a member of the IntelligenceCorps?
  7. The Language Pay trial has been implemented as part of the Defence Language Policy and is not restricted to the Int Corps. However, the trial is language specific.
  8. I Recently finished Tim Collins' book. His Battle Group's primary translator/ linguist on Telic 1 (who he praises to the heavens and beyond) was an Arabic-speaking REME officer with an Anglo-Egyptian background.

    Did he get linguist's pay, I wonder?

  9. No he wouldn't have, it's not actually been brought in yet and is still a trial
  10. Not any more - flying pay is much nicer (but taxed!!!!)

    Pax Vobiscum
  11. Is it actually happening? I first heard the term "Langauge Pay" somewhere getting on for 10 years ago. what criteria have they set for it?
  12. as FTB asked - What are the criteria? What are the details of the trial?

    (Shouldn't think I'll get it though as I completely arrsed my exams at DSL)

    If it is based around the MODLEB exam system then it will be a bag of shi'ite. People with useless easy languages will get it, those that slog out 18 months of torture at DSL then fail a 1 day exam will get fcuk all and still be employed as a linguist.
  13. The trial begins in October. It is based around the MODLEB qualifications. Those holding language qualifications in useless/dead languages won't get it. There are four qualifying languages at present. The Language Pay is a three tiered scheme with added financial benefits.

    It all sounds too good to be true...well yes, there is a catch; I've not met anyone that will be getting Language Pay in October.
  14. There is a glimmer of hope for those (myself included) linguists who are qualified in the appropriate languages (Fraser is quite correct when he says there are only 4 languages that qualify at present).
    If you sat your MODLEB exam over three years ago, you can apply to take it again and if you are successful, you will be eligible for the additionaly pay. If a period of three years hasn't yet elapsed, you can wait until it has, then apply. It's not ideal and I, like many others feel a little shafted by this, but it's better than being told that you will NEVER get it.
    If anyone wants specific details of languages and pay rates, PM me.
  15. "There are four qualifying languages at present"

    Which ones are they? European or more mid east Faarsi, Pashtu, Arabic etc?