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Rumour has it that come November (slipped from September) there shall be a whole raft of new awards for targetted languages ie Pashto. However, as you may or may not know, the required level of Linguist has been dropped dramatically in response by the powers that be.
Figures bandied about were substantial 4 and even 5 figure sums, but now with the revised standards, you will be lucky to get 3 figures (again) and yet again, a chance to encourage a higher standard of linguist in the Armed Forces is passing us by. The Army especially since the inception of OPMI has had a dearth of quality linguists, with many skilled linguists leaving quicktime. There is also the idea of bringing back a separate Linguist trade to the Corps as it has been noticed (after 10 years or so) that Linguist manning in required languages has dropped to approx 20% and that FTRS linguists, while a decent stop gap, have also reached critical levels in supply and quality. We are over 100% manned in the fence checking trades but unsurprisingly, very few if any are volunteering for an 18 month language course where your promotion will be penalised and may never have a choice of postings ever again. Any comments pse? :?
We're not supposed to comment about the sheer stupidity and short sightedness of those who make these decisions, you should know that.

I won't take offence at the fence checkers remark, who also fill operational intelligence and HUMINT posts on operations; casting nasturtiums in return would be as easy taking pot shots at CptCorelli.....
No need for you to go listening to rumours fella. The proposed new language awards have been out for some time now. Either you haven't been looking very hard or your CoC is...well..c0ck.

The levels required have certainly not been dropped dramatically; you will still be expected to acheve SLP 4444 to be awarded the highest financial reward. What it does do is legislate that not everyone will get 4s, so lower bands are built in as well, with a commensurately lower level of financial payment.

As for the reinstatement of the linguist trade, don't know about that mate.
I'd like to go for linguist after my phase 2.

Once i've completed it, is that me forever translating or will i get to choose my career path?

Obviously rumint has been doing the rounds.

If you do opt for linguist training and get through it, you will get posted to one of two places. Your second posting will probably be to the other of these two. The people who pay for linguist training will want their money's worth from you. Many linguists find it very hard indeed to break away from that particular line of work.
An unneccesarily bleak outlook from Invicta.

Priest, tell me what 'rumint' you have heard if you feel able to. PM me if you feel happier. Invicta is partially correct; the Powers that Be will want their pound of flesh, which in the case of anyone studying a language at present is a 3-year return of service. In other words, a full tour as a linguist after which your 'debt' to the trainers has been paid and you can go off and do other stuff. That is how things stand at present. If you were considering a crack at DRC or the non-Corps surveillance stuff, you can do that regardless of whether you're a linguist or not.

And yes, there are two main employers for linguists, but don't expect to spend much time in either location. Chances are you'll be deployed quite a lot, sometimes to obvious places, sometimes to areas not so obvious. There are also many cheeky little jobs which will become apparent to you when you get a bit older and more experienced.
priest said:
I'd like to go for linguist after my phase 2.

Once i've completed it, is that me forever translating or will i get to choose my career path?

Obviously rumint has been doing the rounds.

A linguist is not the same as a translator. Even I know that and I like windows..............
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