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language exercise


War Hero
I think somebody has had too many e-numbers!
What the biggest load of fcuking sh!t it's ever been my misfortune to watch. Get a life you boring STAB tw@t. I was thinking the link would be to some high quality porn for which the germans are famous for. Still, guess I'll have to find it myself..........................
if it was showing his computer booting up, it's hardly likely to have been the webcam recording, now is it?

*sigh* TA analysts :roll:
op_int_und_spy I bet its you in that video!
Get back to work!
ok p-chik. translate the folowing into the language of your choice:

"ich bin hier um ihre Waschingmaschine zu fixen."

"aber ich habe keine Waschingmachine!" 8O

chick a bow!

"ja ja, fick mein Arsche! schneller! schneller!" etc etc


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