language exercise

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Wench3000, Mar 5, 2006.

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  1. I think somebody has had too many e-numbers!
  2. is it just me, or does it sound like a young Adolf Hitler once he gets going? :)
  4. What the biggest load of fcuking sh!t it's ever been my misfortune to watch. Get a life you boring STAB tw@t. I was thinking the link would be to some high quality porn for which the germans are famous for. Still, guess I'll have to find it myself..........................
  5. if it was showing his computer booting up, it's hardly likely to have been the webcam recording, now is it?

    *sigh* TA analysts :roll:
  6. ooh wench did you just delete that when you realised how silly it was? ;)
  7. op_int_und_spy I bet its you in that video!
  8. Get back to work!
  9. poor comeback wenchie :) why did you delete your webcam theory again? lol
  10. German translation? FFS that went out with the ark!! At least give us Darksiders a chance and find something Russian, Scroat, Arabic...
  11. ok p-chik. translate the folowing into the language of your choice:

    "ich bin hier um ihre Waschingmaschine zu fixen."

    "aber ich habe keine Waschingmachine!" 8O

    chick a bow!

    "ja ja, fick mein Arsche! schneller! schneller!" etc etc

  12. Can you get some pictures to accompany the text?
  13. no, but i can do you a nice washing machine if you like.

    but i wouldn't look in the fabric softener compartment if i were you ;)