Language Course Dates 2010

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by dee_dee, Mar 2, 2010.

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  1. All,

    Can anyone supply the latest dates for the 15 and 18 month courses, or the DIN number?

    I have a feeling there has been a lot of chopping and changing so up to date info would be appreciated.

    Dee Dee
  2. The new DIN will be published shortly. The slight delay has been caused by the same chopping and changing you mention.
  3. What are the languages currently being taught on these courses? If OPSEC is an issue, apologies.
  4. Surely 'kolkhoznik-geroj Macdonald' ?
  5. Prosloe? What was he before he was a MacDonald then? Stariy would be better.

    Oh, and courses usually start in July and January.
  6. How about Staryj Donaldovich
  7. This is fun! Much better than Roy's grammar classes at DSL.
  8. Probably. Brian's grammar lessons weren't much fun at all.
  9. The DIN is on the system but the dates are currently blank. The Annex states that they due sometime in early 2010 and will be published accordingly.
  10. May and Nov course starts for the Op Langs.

    DIN is out and has all of the info.
  11. That long drag to Christmas, the first year... double grammar every bleeding morning, first thing.

    Oddly, I ended up loving it, a right little Stakhanovite Grammar Nazi I turned into.

    GIAO 176/200 Apr 1985
  12. Anyone got the DIN number?
  13. Can you not work the Defence Intranet search facility?
  14. DIN 2010DIN07-008
  15. If I could would I be asking?