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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Cutaway, Feb 11, 2005.

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  1. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    As it looks like the Army will be off on beach holidays for the forseeable future, it's high time that everyone was issued with a smattering of the local lingo in order to present a more caring aspect to the civpop.

    Here's a few Arabic phrases that I've found useful and I hope some of you can too.

    Shoof shoglak . . . . . Mind your own business
    Balaash kalaam . . . . Shut up (Stop talking)
    Emshee/Imshi (or) Rooh . . . . . . . Go
    Enta wehesh (or) Enta battaal. . . . . .You are bad
    Enta kazzab . . . . . . . . . . You are a liar
    Ibn shamutta . . . . . . Son of a whore
    Ibn khenzee . . . . . . . . Son of a pig (Particularly popular with the Immams)
    Gazmettee weskha - naddaf el gazma, ya walad - My boots are dirty - clean the boots, boy
    Etnein beera ya wallad, iggri . . . . Two beers boy, hurry
    Edeeni enta bint . . . . . . Give me your daughter (girl)
    Ana awez weshka shamutta - I want a filthy slut
    Andik oada . . . . . . Have you a room ?
    Sharab taweel . . . . . . Stockings
    Shammam . . . . . . Sweet melons
    Warreeni kol haga . . . . . . Show me everything
    Di ku'us mish nideefa, ta'mo hilw . . . . . . This fish-socket is not clean, (but) it tastes good.
    Syphillis . . . . . . Zohri
    Id'ak li . . . . . . Rub me
    Sayir gild di . . . . . .Strap this on

    I don't remember what soapy tit wnak is, but this should be close enough: Enta gaml da gameel aw-i, ayiz arkb howa !

    Anyone else got some useful phrases from around the world ?
    Don't just google the buggers, I'm interested in your ideas.

    NB. I make boggrall apologies for any spelling or pronounciation conventions. If they don't understand shout louder.

    Edited for disclaimer.
  2. Is that what you said to hairy abdul? 8O
  3. It must be difficult to wash under them burkhas 8O

  4. Ik heb geen condoomen - is dat een probleem? I have no condoms - is that a problem? (NL)
    Mag ik deze fles in je kont steken? May I put this bottle in your arrse? (NL)
    Deze hoer is vreselijk - pak me een andere! This whore is awful - get me another! (NL)
    Ik ben lepralijder, dus heb ik een tip gelaten. I am a leper, therefore I have left a tip (NL)
    Ik zag Nederwiet, niet dit morokaanse sh1t! I said Dutch weed, not this moroccan sh1t! (NL)
    Wie kan mij een narcotike klysma geven? Who can give me a drug enema? (NL)
    Wat geburt hier, je stomme kut! What's happening here, you stupid cünt! (NL)
    Even rustig! Even rustig! Calm down, calm down!

    Wo kann Ich einen grossartigen Scheissefilm kaufen? Where can I buy a bodacious Scheisse movie? (DE)
    Ich möchte mit einem starken Mädchen schlafen! I would like to sleep with a brawny girl. (DE)

    Préfères-tu le dans l'avant ou dans l'arrière? Do you prefer it in the front or the back? (FR)
    J'aime ton odeur d'ail! I like your garlic smell (FR)
    Vous pouvez capituler à ce scout marin ici - You may surrender to this sea scout here. (FR)
    Messieurs! Il n'y a pas de besoin d'agiter vos drapeaux blancs - nous savons que vous avez déjà capitulé comme d'habitude! Sirs! There is no need to wave your white flags - we know that you have already surrendered like normal! (FR)
  5. My my Stoaty, you are a cunning linguist! :twisted: :lol:
  6. Why, thank you Miss DozyBint! I didn't know we'd had the pleasure! :twisted:
  7. helfen helfen ich cannon swimmen= help help i can't swim

    drei stuck bon bon = 3 peice sweet

    schunenfest ploizi= a fair cop

    sorry bout the spilling :cry: :oops: :?
  8. Is that meant to be German? 8)
  9. Rind fleish vor hanger - beef curtain

    Fick mein alter stiefel - fcuk my old boots

  10. Vi have vays of making you talk - we have ways of making you talk :roll:

    I'll get my coat :D
  12. chelub juice- Dog tits
    Manuk-gay boy
  13. Tybed oes gennot ti awydd dipyn o goc? = Wonder if you fancy a bit of c**k?

    Wyeman (still here!)
  14. fick meine asche mit svantzig liter coca-cola flaschen bitte

    Fcuk my arse with a 20 litre bottle of coke please.
  15. correct translation is "help help I am cannon swimming"...not sure you will get any help in Deutschland unless you are trying out for the scottish olympic swim team 8O