Langan in Iraq

Did anyone catch this on BBC Four last night?

A bit chilling for families of merkin squaddies. (So it probably wont get shown in the US) The locals, even the police, really really hate them and it came through five by five. Interesting bit about the Abu Graib prison filmed before the sh1t hit the fan in the western press.

They (merkins) really have no grasp of the hearts and minds concept except how to pronounce it.

Got to say the journo has guts wandering around Falujah and such with no escort.
Do we still have troops in Iraq? :roll: Or is it that the food is so go in US camps that they do not bother to go south. :lol: I have only seen one report from the UK TAOR over the passed months. Is this a media policy to ignore UK forces or are we not letting them in?

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