Landrover WMIK

Discussion in 'Tanks, planes & ships' started by SmudgeSmith, Mar 6, 2011.

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  1. Hi guys

    Been a lot of talk about the WMIK here so I hope you can help with some the more technical side of it...I know theres the WMIK, E-WMIK and now the R-WMIK but when did each come into service/replace the other(s)? I also have a basic idea but what are differances exactly? Also; did the very early ones (say Sierra Leone/Macedonia) carry the spare on the bonnet like the Wolf or has it always been on the side?

    I'm sure I saw a photo from Sierra Leone with one on the bonnet?


  2. The OWMIK came inyto service in around late 1999. That's when 16 AA Bde and 3 CDO Bde got them. The EWMIK came into service in 2007 and RWMIK also in 2007 but slightly later. The OWMIK has no under armour plates and normal LR wheels whereas the others have blast plates underneath. The RWMIK also has strengthened alloy wheels. There's a few more differences but nothing major. None should have been carrying the spare on the bonnet. That's bad skills.
  3. E-WMIK, E for enhanced, as sated by fally has the under vehicle armour
    R-WMIK, have run flat tyres for a rock hard ride
    Uprated suspension to cope with the extra weight of the vehicle
    A compressor which locks out the suspension to give a more stable platform for the GMG or HMG mounted in the back to fire from.
  4. Weapon Mounting Installation Kit. Did everyone know thats what it stood for? No Wah intended
  5. As Fally stated, the spare wheel on the bonnet damages the fuel injection system due to the weight.
  6. meridian

    meridian LE Good Egg (charities)

    This is the first pic I have seen of the WMIK pod for Ocelot/Foxhound

  7. The latest version is the RWMIK+. Plenty of info on the Ricardo website.
  8. Have the scousers been out already?

    Here's hoping the vehicle might be a step in the right direction, oh wait, procurement, I'll shut up now.
  9. whats going to happen to jackal once herrick is finished with
  10. I'm surprised at that in view of the fact the spare wheel fixings are installed on it. I understood it was for better visibility but the option of putting it on the bonnet was retained in case it was needed. The precursors had the wheel moved off the bonnet too, the 900 sand tyres would really have blocked the view but also perhaps restricted the arcs of the commander's MG.....

    SAS LANDROVER SERIES IIA 109 PINK PANTHER | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
  11. Ex-Stab you cannot fit the wheel on the bonnet..there should be a metal basket fitted as part of the Kit.....ends up with all sorts of shite in it.....
  12. Will still no doubt be used by the Fire Support Groups, light recce and whoever needs a taxi with firepower.
  13. The WMIK version is no longer been bought in the first tranche of vehicles
  14. cutting about in a jackal during winter will be nice for the crews then!! least they wont be scrapping it
  15. Except that there's no money to pay for it!

    Jackal is one of th many UORs that the Army will either need to sell, or stump up cash for (which it doesn't have) when the music eventually stops in Afghanistan.

    Peronsally, I would like to see close and formation recce move from a 'one-size fits all' model, to a more flexible beast that encompasses light, medium and heavy capability - a bit like US Armored Cavalry Squadrons (which use a mix of M1 Abrams, M3 Bradley, and Humvees).