Landrover variation?

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by vvaannmmaann, Jan 17, 2011.

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  1. Over the weekend I saw a Landrover lwb,but with a very different front end,Didn't look home made.Google images is not helping,Any thoughts as to what it may be?
  2. Newish one ? Santander?
  3. Where was it? near gaydon perchance. New one due out fairly soon but from what I hear it's a bit more, well sort of erm....bastard child of freelander and defender ish. Made to pass encap tests.
    Only replacement for landie is another landie.
  4. If it's not the Santana, what about the Iveco Massif?[​IMG]
  5. Same thing, the Santana is now marketted under the Iveco badge
  6. Agreed, but the look of the front end is different, and that is what Van the Man will be looking at.
  7. Thats not a bad effort from Iveco,

    However it reminds me a bit like the Merc attempt..
  8. Thanks beemer,that's the one.It was parked outside the pub so I had a wee look and I see Santana across the front where Land Rover should be!

    PS Thanks Uglee!
  9. What is the remaining connection between land Rover and Santana? Do Santana have to seek LR's permission to produce new models or design changes, or is Santana free to develop completely new vehicles based on its old LR licence?
  10. As far as I know, there is no longer a connection between Santana and Land Rover.
    Engines and gearboxes are Iveco (and pretty good, the 3 litre diesel puts a Defender TDCi to shame), suspension is leaf sprung and arguably more stable than Land Rover's coils.
    I don't think that there is any commonality between the two other than a passing resemblance (in the dark at 500 yards).
  11. Drove a satsuma, sorry santana a couple of years ago. Very impressed thought the same jagman leafs (parabolic I think) were better than the Disco 1 I had got out of. They tend to go shabby a lot quicker than LR and styling is a bit odd.....almost as if designed in India.....
  12. Wandered the web out of boredom and came across a Landy site that gives a pretty good history of the Landy/Santana tie up, can't recall the address unfortunately. Up until the Defender came out all Santanas were just rebadged Series LR, they did a sort of Stage 1 V8 version before coming up with the one you saw. I managed to poke around a LR 110 last year which had a Santana dash retro fitted, bog standard bar that, looked quite good!