Landrover question

Discussion in 'REME' started by buckshee, May 24, 2006.

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  1. Hi all ,i am after running a pair of speakers for me mp3 from the pin holes in the dashboard of a L/rover ,i know i will need the pins off an inspection lamp,what else do i need ? can any crafties/sparkies/VMs answer this
  2. A fire extinguisher to put the speakers / MP3 player out after you fry it with 24 Volts??? :frustrated:

    Seen this done before with a car stereo, Tech Tels he was too! C**** L***** where are you now? :wink:

    :D :D :D
  3. cheers for that ,im based nth east ,is it not possible then?
    would i be able to make somthing to run in an FFR and a GS
  4. The pinholes are 24 volt. Wire up to ONE of the batteries and out of the battery try to a handily placed and secured double-cigar socket thing. I did not run a kettle, fan, Kenwood stereo with 40w speakers, phone charger off similar in my LR during TELIC 1.

    You have to mount the speakers on the roll-cage behind your head or you'll never hear anything. The inside of a Landrover is not exactly the most ideal accoustic environment.
  5. cheers for that maj but didnt understand it too well im not very tech minded
    its for all varients but mainly 110 defender GS
  6. You havent specified which Landrover varient you are using, as on the TUM(HS) WOLF , the inspection lamp socket is 24v , however on the 110 (Defender ) it is 12V
  7. Ahem!
    Might I add that what you are suggesting is an illegal modification?


    Punishable by a forced Gems submission and a picture in the craftie mag
  8. Dmd yourself the 24-12v conversion kit for drops (its a mod) stick an insp lamp socket on the end hey presto 12v power by fag lighter socket
  9. cheers lads,i'll swing by one of the DROPS tps
  10. Or....

    24V divided by 2 Sockets = 1 Socket @ just plug into one of them!!!!!
  11. Are you sure :?
  12. could be if wired up correctly and had 2 items dropping equal voltage over them
  13. What a FCUKING RIDICULOUS Thread!

    Best Advice.... Leave well enough alone!

    If it's not issued don't fit it. The Corps should not be encouraging yet another means of flattening batteries resulting in another waste of Recovery Resources.

    I'm all for dumbing it down for the mentally challenged, but lets not forget that REME are a "Technical Corps" fcuking "Pin Holes" indeed.
  14. Bollox! Get hold of some battery operated Speakers, plug in MP3 player, punch/bribe/threaten store-man when you need new batteries!