Landrover help.

Discussion in 'REME' started by mouse470, Jan 12, 2009.

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  1. Ok. after leaving the REME after afte 12 years,I started work for Landrover and after 5 years i have become quite good at it(not blowing my own trumpet but i am v.good)
    Anyway I thought some squaddies must buy some landrovers (discos,range rovers or defenders)
    So all I am offering is technical help,If you have a problem with your landrover and your local dealership cannot help I will endevor to help you with your problem.

    please pm with your details and problem and i will help you
    ,(with help with the techs at landrover).

    Just thought it would be nice to give something back to my fellow servicemen(ok to be honest missus told me to do it,new years resolution and all that)
  2. I haven't got a LR but was toying with the idea of a FC 101. Any experience with these? There's a thread on here somewhere. Thanks for the offer, very kind and useful.

  3. Nice one mouse...

    Maybe one of the mods could put this as a sticky?
  4. Don´t.

    Had one.

    AWESOME for camping in good for expeds and off road, but the noise in the cab... you can´t do anything about.

    These are VERY basic vehicles.

    Spares are getting sparse now, so they are getting expensive.

    And you would HAVE to find an LR garage that could look after it. Mouse might be able to... but your high street dealer is just going to look at it and scratch their heads.

    Some good clubs around to help you though, and it is brilliant turning up to LR convention or off road day in one....

    And I am going to stop now before i convince myself to buy one. :D

  5. As Frog says parts could be an issue.

    Owning one would be cool but owning one that is sat in a garage searching for that vital part to make it work not so cool.

    Not trying to put you off(would be quite cool to annoy the tech library boys for a workshop manual or wiring diagram)
  6. True to an extent but show me any other fifty-four year old vehicle that puts in a day's work, day after day like my LR does....
  7. The next time my freelander head goes ill give you a pm for help
  8. Got a lot of good memorys in the old landy and wanted one for a while but i know i'll end up paying out of my arrse for spares, i remember going out to the garage at least once a month to help the old man weld a piece of steel over a rust patch or change the bushes or something, high maintainance vehicles but well worth getting if you can afford to, and have the time to fix it, and you cant beat the D90 for green lanes and the such
  9. Knew a chap that had a series 3, nice vehicles but the leaf springs used to get caught a lot when going through ruts and stuff, most of the time resulting in a lot of pushing and bouncing around on said vehicle, or use of the old winch if there was a suitable tree or heavier vehicle nearby,
    Very noisy in the cab though, and had a problem with the gears slipping, saw him flying down hill's ranting on the radio about fcuking gears many times.....
  10. Re 54 years....

    Fast forward the clock to 2030 and see how many contempory cars are still on the road!!!
  11. Eeeeerrrrrr like since when did Landys rust? Aluminium if memory serves me right.
  12. Steel chassis. Also steel door frames that rust like crazy where they meet the aluminium door sheet. Bulkhead also steel and can rust like crazy around the hinges.
  13. I had to have quite a lot of work done to my '94 Discovery a couple of months ago to get it through MoT due to rust on the chassis.
    :crying: :crying: :crying: :crying: :crying:
  14. 75% of all land rovers ever built are still on the road..can't say that for a normal car.
  15. OK I have a question to test your knowledge. I have a L/R TUM that has a brake problem.

    On inital application of the brakes the pedal travels a good 3/4 of the way to the floor before brakes begin to apply. A double pump of the brake pedal does eliminate the travel and provides a solid pedal. Feels like air in the system, Servo has been tested in the normal manner, pump up till solid, s tart engine etc... is fine.
    I have bled the system several times using pressure bleeding kit as well as normal bleeding procedure,checked all bleed nipples and brake lines for damage, leaks etc, replaced the slave cylinders on the rear brake system(slight seep), replaced flexi hoses front and rear (in case of bulging), replaced servo and master cylinder(matched pair).

    Vehicle passes a brake test but not happy with the ammount of travel on the brake pedal.

    In the process of swapping the vane type vacumn type pump from a know runnner with good brakes as the vacumn pump on the problen vehicle seems a little weak.

    Am I clutching at straws here, I know the servo acts as an assistance to brake effort but I feel I have eliminated all the air in the system. The only thing I can think of is that the brake master cyclinder is not travelling far enough on the initial stroke of the brake pedal and requires a double pump of the pedal to allow the full travel of the brake master cylinder piston.

    I have had a quite a few Vodka red bulls whilst typing tis so hopefully it all makes sense.

    Any input will be gratefully appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.