Landrover Feelander 2 Tax Free How Much?


Anyone bought a Landrover Freelander 2 Tax Free recently if so what spec etc an how much did it cost? Who from?

Off the Fally shortly and have believe there is an L/R dealer on camp anyone recommend them or otherwise?

Try Land Rover Military Sales. Advertise regularly in Soldier mag and other places of just Google it.
Delivery on a Freelander 2 built to order is currently about 3 months.
Mine wasn't tax free as i'm in UK but still got 13% of normal UK price.
Mine was a MY11 XS with sunroof, DAB radio, 6 CD autochanger, side protection strips and arm rests front and rear and full sized spare wheel.
Total price on the road was £27000 but that was UK tax paid.

If you look at the Military Sales Website and register they will send you a current tax free price list and advise on delivery times etc.

Land Rover Military Sales


They're a bit of a bugger in some ways, whilst they'll give you an automatic 13% discount it's usually only on the lower spec models. I tried to buy a Range Rover Sport a while ago but could only get a discount on the SE and not the HSE. Well worth ringing them and having a dialogue mind, just do it you have nothing to lose!

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