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Discussion in 'REME' started by Plumber71, Jul 29, 2013.

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  1. Is the REME Land Rover display team still in existence?

    We used to go all over the place with it. It was a good swan in it's time.
  2. Something I said?
  3. I understand they are all being fixed up until sighed off as reliable so all future shows are cancelled.
  4. You'll find that all fun in the Army was cancelled in around 2001, under Queens Regs s.37(b) Morale Act.

    So no, it doesn't exist anymore.
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  5. Thanks for the info guys. Pity about that, it was fun whilst it lasted and as I said we had some great times doing various shows. Rumour control had it that we were earmarked for the Royal Tournament but it never came about.

    The RT was another good morale thing that was cancelled!
  6. It went tits up when they started showing off JAMES with it, then the whole "process" went on longer than the life expectancy of the audience......
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  7. Was the party piece having them all in formation at 30mph and everyone watching the mirrors fold in?
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  8. bear with me please, it's been a few years and some of the TLAs are new to me. I thought that JAMES was a computer app used for recording repair work? We had FORWARD in my time but no puters to run it on. If not then wot is JAMES?

    Aaaaarghhhh! My brain urts!
  9. Hell it was taking you life in your hands to drive them above 5 mph!!!

    The display was a throwback to WWII when Jeeps were flat packed, transported and then assembled in theatre. The workshops used to have competitions to see who could assemble them the fastest. Take two teams of six each with a Landrover, drive it into an arena, then each team raced to strip them. Body off, engine out and wheels off. After that race to reassemble them and drive out! Needless to say the vehicles were heavilly modified and would not be safe to drive on the public highway!

    guess how long it took to strip an then reassemble.
  10. As they are land rovers I assume they stripped themselves.

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  11. Or park the land rover at the end of a line of CAST vehicles after OP GRUMPY, in which case not long at all.

  12. My memory must be shot, thought it was a 4 tonner that the driver lost. Quick disassemble though whatever it was ;) Would love to have been a fly on the wall when he got back to his MT section.
  13. Right, pull up a bucket. Once upon a time there were 4 Airportable Field Workshops, 3 in Tidworth, 8 in Colchester, 10 in a laybye somewhere and 15 in Catterick. One of their many Front Line duties was to prepare a highly skilled and well motivated team to compete against each other in the dis and reassembly of these precision Series 2 SWB Landrovers against the clock. This was in 1975 so there was no HSE or REME Safety Policy to worry about. This ensured some cracking times, not to mention various bones. Each wheel had only 2 wheel nuts that held the wheel on, the other 3 having been cut off and welded to the outside of the wheel, Ah the many happy hours I spent with a windy gun and valve grinding paste making sure that the nuts would just spin off at speed. I cannot remember actually meeting any other Wksp in competition but that was of no issue, the primary aim was bonding! Yes you can tell that in those days Pot Art Training was at the forefront of such establishments, however at the end of the session we smiled, said goodnight and went off to get pissed. Familiar?
  14. Crusty very familiar. 21 years ago to mark the Corps 50th Anniversary year two teams from 15 and 8 Field Wksp took part in the Edinburgh Tattoo with the Landrover race. Concept was simple, drive the Landrovers on to the esplanade, a bit of theatre with some mock bridges being blown up (made by Sterling Wksp), then 8 man team dismantling the Landrover and carrying it across said blown bridge, reassemble on the other side and drive off.
  15. Ah Crusty,if I am not mistaken then we used to work for the same unit.Your wit certainly sounds familiar and if I am correct you will recall the trusty old Scammell we had called " Lemoned"