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Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by Bernster, Apr 14, 2011.

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  1. Looking for some honest feedback on a disco V6 TD, I am thinking about buying one probably an auto box, about 2006-2007. The main thing I want to find out is fuel consumption on a diesel. I know what the book says but I am hearing some very poor mileage figures, 19-21 MPG which is space shuttle standard.
    I have got the money (just) to buy one but still need to run it and feed my family.
    Any arrsers with a disco? Just post figures and pitfalls of disco ownership and buying advice would be nice.
  2. If money is a bit tight never, ever, ever buy anything made by Land-Rover.
  3. TDV6's aren't very fuel efficient, expect about 24mpg as a realistic figure.
    Trouble is that they are very heavy, close to 3 tonnes for a top spec one.
    Nice cars but shiockingly expensive to own when (not if) they go wrong, a couple of grand on a major service isn't uncommon. S mate of moine services a couple for gamekeepers and if they are used hard the maintenance is shocking.
    Another mate recently replaced his TD5 Discovery with a TDV6 and reckons the TD5 was a better vehicle on and off road.
  4. Go for the TD5, far better on and off road very reliable, good on fuel, if fact a bloody good all rounder, I have only had 3 motors all Discoverys, 1990 - V8i, 2000 - 300tdi, now have TD5 which is the best one by far
  5. Get yourself over to somewhere like forums, you are likely to get alot more depth than trawling arrse int cell.

    But you should be getting more than 20mpg from a diesel disco, I get almost that in a petrol V8 range rover.
  6. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    If you don't mind people thinking you are a pikey, get a Nissan Pathfinder like I did, 15 grand will get you a 3 year old one with around 20,000 on the clock.

    Good points: 7 seats, huge towing capacity, realistic 34mpg (even higher on motorway trips), all the toys if you get an Aventura spec, indestructable, cheap spares.

    Bad points: People will think you are a pikey, it doesn't have a green oval on the front so when your missus drops the kids off at school she may feel a little inadequate, interior isn't quite as sexy as a Disco but I'd wager it'll last longer, the sat nav is a bit shit and is expensive to update, it's not as quick off the line as a Disco.

    NB: I used to have a Range Rover and it was a pile of steaming dog **** in comparison.
  7. I'd rather burn tires and go all pikey than drive a disco, they are uncomfortablly dire gaz guzzlers with vague steering, leaky motors and leaky fuel tanks whch continue to live on a reputation earned by series 2 and 3.
  8. Disco III is well over 2.5 tonnes, which is ridiculously heavy and probably why they drink fuel, despite having the engine that made the old Jag XJ6 diesel pretty rapid.
    For some reason Landie dropped their old habit of making as much as possible from light aluminium and went for all-steel (while Jag went the other way...) and thus the IIIs rust more than the earlier versions.
  9. Personally I'd go for the Toyota Landcruiser - As the Aussies say "Go into the Outback in a Landy come out in a Cruiser".