Builds Landrover Defender WMIK 1/35th scale

here's another build this time the WMIK with Milan

using the Eduard PE kit to go with this and enhance particular areas

the gun wasn't too good so that and the wheels were upgraded with some aftermarket replacements.

starting work on the chassis, no pe items for this it's a straight forward kit build so far.

the grinding off of moulded detail starts with bodywork fittings

adding in some pe

starting to take shape

replacement GPMG, far more accurate than the kit offering
the build goes on with kit parts and pe bits

this image shows the first coats of black preshade applied by airbrush
light buildup of preshade coats, not going too heavy on either pre shade or yellow top coat, stopping early and allowing each coat to dry.

the gun, areas like this on a model are hot points of interest, so it's worth spending time on them, here, the gun gets light coats of black to build up the colour without filling in the fine detail that can happen with unthinned paint.

with the seats, they get a coat of dark grey and a light wash (paint so thinned it runs) of sand coloured paint to give the impression that dust has settled in the foulds of the cushion.

getting close to completion

some late parts get a coat of Halfords primer


Mighty quick work :)

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