Landrover Ambulance Radio Fit

Posted this on the Royal Signals forum and received a suggestion that I post it here as well.

A friend of mine has just acquired a Landrover ambulance, one of the series II/series II types and wants to know if 351 radios were ever fitted and, if so, how?

Can anyone help with any info please?
Yes they were, generally bungied unto the top of the cab with the handset coming through the window. Sorry, I'm afraid there was never a proper radio fit on the vehicle until BOWMAN came on the scene.
As has been said, there never was a radio fit for for the IIA Land Rover Ambulance. In those days radios were only fitted to proper IIA FFRs and they would have had Larkspur not Clansman.

Having said that, as has also been said radios like A41s were often jury rigged into non-FFRs.

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