Landrover Ambulance Radio Fit

A friend of mine has just acquired a Landrover ambulance, one of the series II/series II types and wants to know if 351 radios were ever fitted and, if so, how?

Can anyone help with any info please?
Unless I'm mistaken, the PRC 351 was a man-pack radio set.


I can't recall from the top of my head about the clansman stuff but the new bowman fit ambulances have a manpack radio strapped in in the space abouve the drive/commanders head with an antenna mount on the roof.

It wouldn't be beyond the realms of possability for the clansman fit to be similar but with tuams and stuff instead.


roadster280 said:
I don't recall seeing any ambies fitted with a hard mounted 351. However, to do so would require TUAAM and mounting, ARFAT and Initiate Box.

Indeed the cabling to the TUAAM mount would need to be fitted. I have seen 351s mounted in non-FFRs using this arrangement, but could not say I've seen it in an ambulance. But then you can't move for LR ambies in a Signal Regiment...
Have you tried asking on the RLC or RAMC boards?
We have one.
From memory, you get several types of ambulance fit. BG's/Role 1 should have had a VHF/351 fit and those employed in roles 2 & 3 should have been HF/320. Pretty certain Role 2 & 3 fixed sites are HF and Sat

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