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landrover 90 help

right chaps Ive just brought an ex mod 90 that needs some work doing to it ( I know what was I thinking etc but my discovery is too good to go off roading in)

anyway as its got the squaddy proof sliding windows does anyone know where I can get the glass on its own from ?
as the local landy main dealer reckons you cant get the glass on its own and have to buy the whole doortop
I've had pieces of laminated glass cut to size before. It's only flat. You need 4 or 5mm. Many places might struggle with the hole in the rear part.

Try any windscreen supplier. Once you get someone who is prepared to have a proper look through the catalogues they will be able to find it as a stock item.

If you get really stuck PM me and I'll ask my mate if he's got any. It's 400 miles each way to pick 'em up though!
Get in toush with your local CabGlass or equivelent, Yellow Pages should find you a firm that does glass for trctors, excavators etc. They will cut you appropriate glass very cheaply and quickly.

Alternatively Google Paddocks or Craddocks Land Rover parts dealers and give them a ring
cheers chaps knew I could rely on you lot

I'll pop into my local autoglass place the next time I'm passing and see what they say


Book Reviewer
41fm77 said:
( I know what was I thinking etc but my discovery is too good to go off roading in)
Disco's are best left to the ladies I feel? My accountant drives one. 'Nuff said.

Try this lot.


Unhinged for the most part, but they will not only bend over backwards, they will also feed your cats.

93% of Disco owners are cat lovers according to a survey. I saw it on BBC2.

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