Landrover 90/110

Hi All,

If you had to tow a Landrover 90/110 can you use the eye on the front bumper?
I have allway be told not to use it for towing or recovery?
Is it there just for show?

How far, over what terrain, and what with?

Brace, metalled roads, short distance, driven carefully, yeah.

Wire/K/E recovery rope / bit of string over bumpy ground - I'd be more careful. will do you a new bumper for £30 quids, and you shouldn't break more than that. Have fun...
i`ve used it before (not for towing any distance though), pulled a Landrover out of the mud with my 434. someone had taken the tie down hooks off. Had no choice really and it did no damage what so ever.
When we do the navigational driving events for BAFMA we pre attache a tow sling to front & back bumper yes you can tow from both done it numerous times but just be carefull as alreadys said.

on the other hand if your gonna use a kinetic tow rope it must be a fixed eye solution i.e. rear towing eye to rear towing eye

for safety

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