Landmine Playing Cards

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Gundulph, Nov 25, 2005.

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  1. Chimera please keep this thread here as it is of 'Sapper' Interest only really...Thank You

    [align=center]***Landmine Playing Card Packs are now available to order in single packs***[/align]

    These cards are designed to help people identify and learn more about landmines. This "global" set includes most of the mines that threaten communities in mine-affected regions, including Afghanistan, the Balkans and Iraq. Each card has a good clear image of a commonly encountered mine, together with its country of origin, type and basic details. The back is a typical "DANGER MINES" sign.

    In addition to being used as normal playing cards, they can also be used for "top trumps" - a game particularly popular with children. Players take it in turns to nominate a category, such as diameter, and specify whether the highest or lowest value will win; both players then read the figure on their card. To stand the best chance of winning, players must know the mines well enough to select an outstanding attribute from each card. People therefore learn to recognise the pictures and absorb the technical detail quickly and effortlessly as they play.

    For details Go Here

  2. Mummy mummy can I have a set of Landmine top-trumps cards for christmas? Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeze?

    How much do they cost?
    Where can I get them?
  3. Simply press on the URl Text Link above the picture of the Cards...
  4. How clever!

    Brilliant idea, I reckon. Teach people all about mines whilst they get bladdered and play Texas Hold'em ;)

  5. Thatas great however the only cards you'll remember are the euchre deck ones !!
  6. A-ha! Finally found the gift for Christmas for the family!! :p

    "Shhhoooo yooo shee dad, my PROM1 kicks yourrr TMM1's arrrrssssh"

    Fantastic Christmas Oggy fun!!! :lol:
  7. Don't get involved - this could be a minefield......
  8. You're right..... we best tread carefully
  9. They'll make a good ukha deck lol
  10. I think they would make the 'perfect' Sapper Euchre Deck!!!
  11. I think they would make the 'perfect' Sapper Euchre Deck!!!
  12. But has anybody actually bought any. I think they should be issued like the crowy american picture cards that got dished out on telic to the septics.

    Problem solved!!! No more incidents of troops saying. What the fcuk was that circular thing that just spanked us off the road and into this ditch with even more in it!!!
  13. The main idea behind them is for Mine Recognition, ideal for Mine Risk Education for civilians as well as for Squaddies, anyone in procurement of any Unit (doesn't need to be the Corps as this relates to anyone on Ops) that want to buy in bulk for their Units there will be a discount; how many of you remember the theatre of Ops recognition pams for Bosnia, Kosovo, Afghanistan and Iraq? although they were very handy for Section Commanders to carry in their Battle Boxes they were too heavy to carry on the person, in webbing etc. these would be ideal for the individual to carry and when you get bored you can have a go at the old 'Trumps' which will aid in remembering at least the rough shapes and look etc. of the mines; EOD would never ridicule a Unit calling in a dangerous item find, rather EOD approach the said item and discover it was a respirator canister or cooking pot lid than the Unit that reports it, which is always good drills, with the help of the cards the Unit reporting may even be able to narrow it down to place in their report i.e. a possible Anti Tank/Vehicle Mine, Anti Personnel Mine or even a possible Bomblet! good pictures of mines, bomblets and unexploded ordnance do help with civilians and soldiers alike to recognise a potential hazard, take the Blu-97 for instance, which is actually yellow in colour and to the majority of people who have never seen one it can appear harmless, the Americans made a big mistake in Afghanistan (a very unfortunate one and one they will never make again!) when they dropped food aid packages from Hercs to help feed the local populace, unfortunately for many of the locals, there were also footprints of previously dropped and unexploded Bomblets in the vicinity, a lot of people mistook the Bomblets for the food packages and were killed or very badly injured! but in summary, yes they would be an excellent item for any decent QM's to dish out to personnel heading off on tours to Iraq, Afghanistan, Kosovo and Bosnia...IMHO
  14. Feckin hell i only asked has anyone bought em
  15. Sorry Bad_Crow, I went on so much there I forgot to mention the has anybody bought them bit! yes they appear to be in quite high demand at the moment and not just from Sappers...