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Having nothing to judge the scale I don't really know, but it looks big and is probably heavy.
It's the non castoring back wheel off a NAFFI shopping trolly. You can tell it's NAFFI by the colour.

Is anyone able to identify this landmine recovered by Algerian Sy forces at In Amenas? This is a re-post from the Infantry forum. Grateful for any ideas/input.
If that is a det behind the mine in the photo then it looks pretty small so probably a AP mine, still big enough to piss you off though.
Yep I'm going with Oyibo,
Its a small topless spacecraft made from Belgian Chocolate.
Its also called a "Party Mine" when it takes off everybody gets a bit.


Well it doesnt look Soviet, the old TMN46 looked welded like a lada!
I'm going to have a stab at the initiator/trigger for a Belgian PRB M3 or M3A1 AT mine. The pressure plate is missing on the ones in the vid.

Either that, or it's a crashed UFO containing very small aliens.

Edited to add a photo:

View attachment 108777

PRB M3 and PRB M3A1 (Belgium) - Jane's Mines and Mine Clearance

In French:
Thanks a million, I'm pursuing this tip via other means but looks convincing
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