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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Bad_Crow, Jan 18, 2006.

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  1. Where oh where would i find handouts on landmines. Similar to the cards seen advertised on here late last year. Just a picture and a little bit about them (recognition features etc) would be splendid.
  2. Yes i am interested in those as well so crow if you get any replies please let me know
  3. OPTAG

    Unit Trg Wings

    MITC or BEW at Gibraltar Bks

    There's loads of stuff out there for serving chaps to get their hands on.
  4. Yeah its knowing the right people sadly. If anybody has any or knows of where they are floating about the internet feel free to post links on here or PM me!
  5. ORDATA is a good start if you follow the landmine links

  6. Tar very muchlee!!! Spot on!
  7. BC try this link. Quite a handy little booklet, I've used it, it helped on occasion. It also covers ammo markings as well as a wide range of HAZMAT stuuf the MT might get a bone on about.
  8. Write to the MITC, they have all sorts of stuff from datasheets to Minestrike info/recording cards and videos.

    I believe they can also arrange briefings if you are deploying to a particular area which has a mine problem.

    Mine Information Training Centre
    Gibraltar Barracks
    GU17 9LP
  9. Cheers Folks!
  10. or one of the EOD squadrons, or the search wing, is that still at chattenden ??
  11. Humphrey has hit the nail on the head. These guys are the Gurus/ Lamas on the subject and helpfull, too.
  12. Symbol seeker provide booklets on mines and UXO but they're pretty iffy at best, ordata is good if you know what you're looking at-ish but get advice from your nearest brigade RE trg wing, they'll be more than happy to help and give pre deployment briefs as well.
    failing all of the above ask the local UN mine action coordination centre, (MACC) but be prepared to know more than they do! sad I know but true!!

    edited due to drunken spelling
  13. Ali-Gee,

    Do we take it you have extensive experience with MACs? reason I ask is, I just think it is a bit of a harsh statement to make?

    P.S. The original Landmine Playing Cards can still be purchased in Bulk (min 50 Packs). Here
  14. Ali G

    Bit pedantic and off-thread, but like Gundulph, I question these remarks - not only harsh, but inaccurate. National MACs have come a long way, particularly with the introduction (and national acceptance) of IMAS. A sign of their maturity was the withdrawl of "Internationals" (ie Mil in mufti or ex mil) from key posts within them, ie Managers & Technical Advisors. Certainly the ones I worked in were pretty good, and their MRE was second to none. And no, I haven't gone native!
    Tread safe,

  15. I've found that the withdrawal if internationals in the maccs has been their downfall hence the comment. I've had first hand experience of good ones (Kosovo) and really pants ones (Albania) not all are UN run so standards vary greatly across the board so I was just warning them not to have their expectations too high