Landlord problems

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by Dashing_Chap, Jun 30, 2009.

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  1. Evening law abiding chaps,

    I’ve a spot of trouble with my landlord, namely, he seems to keep sending people round to my property without my consent. It’s the second time it’s happened, I think, but it’s certainly very alarming to return to my abode only to find a stranger rummaging through my gear. I’m rather a messy pup & have money splashed around in random locations & also a laptop on open display filled with depraved material. It’s also quite embarrassing on my part because as a very eligible bachelor I haven’t a lady around to do my cleaning so my abode remains in a semi permanent state of mildewed chaos. :oops:

    I mean to leave the place in the next few months & am hoping I’ll get my deposit back, but this really is getting me down. The landlord has absolutely no right at all to enter my property without my permission, this is laid down quite clearly in the contract. He has broken the contract so technically I could sue him couldn’t I? Though I do want that deposit back so perhaps that isn’t the best idea.

    What should I do to get him to stop :?

    Your most humble servant, &c.

  2. Change the locks you dizzy git!
  3. Die?
  4. You can't change the locks as technically, they belong to him.

    You're right that he is breaking the terms of the contract and that as a tenant, you have rights so what he should do is arrange a mutually convenient time.

    Tell your landlord that he is abusing the contract and your privacy. For gawds sake don't start going on about rights.

    Also, tidy your life up you fezzing mong.
  5. Cops are cheaper than solicitors - they'll probably write it off as a civil matter, but not before putting the shits up the landlord. You could sue - Shelter give good cheap advice, but they won't represent you.

    Not paying the last two months rent solves the deposit problem - for him it was liquidate damages, but why should the presumption be that he is more trustworthy than you?

    I take it this is Scotland? If not, why is the deposit not lodged with one of the agencies?
  6. When did you sign your contract? If it was after 6th April 2007 then your deposit should be held in a separate scheme and safe from misappropriation by your landlord. Remember to take photos when you move out - to prove you left the place in a good state (assuming you have of course).

  7. Ah yes a minor technicality I forgot to mention, I pay my rent via an estate agent so I've been giving the good news to him & not the landlord, but essentially it is the landlord that is the problem. Fraid I’m quite a way from bonnie Scotland, I have a shag-pad come gentlemans abode in a grotty gangsterised area somewhere in North London.

  8. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    Offer him a gobble.
  9. Who? The estate agent or the landlord? Or the nosey geezer snooping around the house?
  10. So is it the estate agent that is letting the future tenents in? If so, go and have a word.
  11. why do they say their coming into your place, whats the explanation. There allowed to come in to do maintence and stuff but not all the time...... Citizens advice would be your best stop next.

  12. I believe he's required to give you 24hrs notice of entering the property, unless it is for an emergency repair.
  13. Well it must be said that I really am quite gorgeous, almost outrageously so, a ridiculously pretty young man with boyish looks, I fancy they are enough to cause a twinge in any man. :)

    It's the landlord letting people in, the spiv estate agent is generally clueless, which is nothing new from my experience.

  14. Sixty

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    That was my understanding too (I rented for two months while the people I bought my house from moved out).

    The rough wording was that they could enter when I wasn't there if not to do so would cause damage to someone else's property.
  15. Mostly maintenance, some cowboy outfit, (not cav of course) more the Polish immigrant type.

    The chap today said he was there to check the fire system & survey the room, how he could measure the room amongst my assorted rubble & crusty underwear is another matter…