Landlord Fergus Wilson's 'curry smell' ban is unlawful, court rules

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by chuggafugga, Nov 9, 2017.

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  1. My mum actually had a problem with renting one of her properties to some Chinese tenants, yes the cooking did stink and after a court order to evict them from the premises they left it in sh*t state and cost thousands for her to renovate because they lived like animals (that was them though, perhaps an isolated incident).

    Property tycoon Fergus Wilson had argued that he lost money ridding his homes of a "curry smell" at the end of the tenancy.


    Fergus Wilson, 69, told his letting agencies in March not to allow his homes to be rented by "coloured people" because he said they left a "curry smell" in the homes at the end of the tenancy.

    He was taken to court by the Equality and Human Rights Commission, and on Wednesday, a judge at Maidstone County Court ruled such discrimination was unlawful.

    Mr Wilson was handed a three-year injunction, which means he is not allowed to stop tenants renting from him because of their race.

    If he does not comply, he could face a fine or jail for contempt of court.

    Regarded as one of Britain's biggest buy-to-let investors, Mr Wilson owns hundreds of properties in Kent.

    The Commission's chief executive Rebecca Hilsenrath said: "We welcome this outlawing by the court of Mr Wilson's discriminatory letting policy. Our homes are fundamental to our private lives and to who we are.

    "Denial of a home on the grounds of race or colour is abhorrent conduct we do not accept in today's society."

    According to the Guardian, he represented himself in court on Wednesday, saying: "All the local people here agree with me. It's perfectly legal not to buy a house because you think it smells of curry.

    "If you are in Luton or Bedford, maybe that won't make a difference. But in Ashford and Maidstone, 99% of the population are not from India or Pakistan.

    "The problem is that if you have a £250,000 mid-terrace house, the valuation drops by £50,000 if it smells of curry."

    Landlord Fergus Wilson defends 'no coloured people' ban over curry

    In January, Mr Wilson also banned plumbers, single parents, people with children under the age of 18, and "battered wives" in the criteria sent to agencies representing his properties in January.

    Outside court he maintained there was a "problem" with people "cooking curries" in their homes.

    He said: "It gets into the carpets, it gets into the walls.

    "You'll find that most landlords think the same. I'm here because I said it."
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  2. He seems to be a bit of a cvnt.
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  3. A bit?
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  4. Would you like your gaff having a lingering smell of Chicken madras? Especially one you were renting out?
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  5. At the end of the day they're his properties. He should be able to rent them out to whoever he wants.
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  6. He thinks he should be, but the courts upholding the law, say otherwise.

    He also has a thing about plumbers, apparently.
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  7. All he has to do is remove the properties off the rental market. Serve notice on those he no longer wishes to rent out too, and then employs the services of a different letting agency.
    If I had property to rent it would be No DSS, No pets, No Smokers, Professional People only, No Students.
    I can see where he's coming from though. You wouldn't want your house stinking of cigarette smoke, why should you put up with it stinking of curry?
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  8. Does smell come under one of the discrimination laws?

    If he had said "no rental to people who smell of curry*" would that be legal?

    *garlic, wee, brown ale etc etc etc.
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  9. I meet that criteria (non-smoking professional etc) but cook curries, inter alia. Would I be excluded?
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  10. Doesn't matter what I would want, the law is clear and he decided it didn't apply to him by deliberately singling out specific groups of people as being "bad" for his potential pocket.

    You know, like saying "no plumbers".

    That means he's more than just a "bit" of a cnut
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  11. He also doesn't want his properties to smell of potatoes, or fried chicken, or wet labrador.... something he picked up from his grandparents who owned a bed and breakfast in the past
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  12. So it would be ok if your house ended up stinking like a chippie because of people deep-frying everything?
  13. Better than that of stale weed, Stella and piss that the Chavs will leave it in
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  14. I don't suppose you have a big pot bubbling away every single day with enough in it to feed the 20 people in the extended family living in the house though do you?
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  15. Yes.
    Your'e an Arrser.
    Instant exclusion.
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