Landlord diverting my ground rent to cover his "agents" fees

Back again.

I have a buy to let proprty, with the gead lease managed by a despicable bunch called Sinclair Gardens Investments Kensington ( Have a Google. )

Without boring you with all the details, I have been receving demands from their agents for chasing a debt which I'd actually paid. SGIK. The agents billings have now appeared as sums due from SGIK, even though they are not party to the lease, The lease would appear to make no provision for this to happen.

The last ground rent cheque I sent, payable to SGIK and marked " Account payee only" and attached to the six monthly invoice, has been set against the fees of the agents, and I'm now getting snotograms saying the ground rent is outstanding.

I see this as cowboy tactics designed to cower dullards into paying the billings but would like to gain the power of ARRSE to see what I should do.

Its never dull in BB Towers...
I've had dealings with SGIK. Not an easy bunch to get on with. Aren't they based down in Bognor, Sussex IIRC? But I think they have another company dealing with the money side.

I was sending ground rent cheques and they were cashing them, then a year down the line they noted I was new owner and tried to fleece me with some fee.
Grabbed the key's to the outrage bus and got them to waive the fee due to their admin screw up. Followed call with a letter. They then sorted it out.
The first hit on Google for "SGIK" is THIS. So you are not alone!

Note a few posts down the first page -
Good news!!! Went to court today, they didnt show up and the case was thrown out! Hooray!
Thanks - meant to reply - I own the flat, SGIK own the long lease, the 999 year jobbie so ARLA etc not pertinent AIUI
Bravo_Bravo said:
Thanks - meant to reply - I own the flat, SGIK own the long lease, the 999 year jobbie so ARLA etc not pertinent AIUI
I've sent 2 PM's now so not sure which one you are referring too :? :) However, I think my last PM covers it pretty much BUT, this does sound like a job for a swift solicitors letter if the means that I suggested does not work.
BB - if you want the official line you can contact LEASE ( who are a free advice service set up for this reason.

I had huge problems with my leaseholde (Peverel I think it was), in the end a large number shotogram e-mails, phonecalls and letters got it sorted but the LEASE website was good and I was a few days short of ringing them up for advice before it got sorted.

Main thing I remember is check your docs, bills and receipts and then make sure they understand you aren't some thicko to be messed around. Amazing how quickly they panic if you start quoting things at them, they tried to back charge me for the leasehold and service charge for the previous owner....despite a written statement from them when I bought the property that all costs had been settled with the previous owner (a legal requirement under the lease), still took 3 months of phonecalls and letters to sort.

I had an even bigger fight when I realised that as well as being the Management Company, they were also the we were paying the management fees to the same company who owned the lease, so we were paying them twice for the same thing.

Anyway back to the main theme, the law for Leasehold propoerties has been strengthened in favour of the property owner recently, worth reading up/getting advice and throwing it at the leaseholder/management agent most of them haven't got a clue what the changes are and/or are ignoring them hoping no-one else does.


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