landlord advice?

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by Mighty_doh_nut, Mar 8, 2005.

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  1. Anyone out there a landlord with any experience of the Shark like 'no win no fee' approach, I have a rather nasty one with thier teeth into me and am trying to gather as much info as possible.

    i have had proceedings issued on me for an injury sustained due to my failing to maintain a staircase which runs between my properties.

    I have checked with my conveyancer etc and I do own the staircase, it is in the process of being closed and repair work carried out.... I have only owned the property for a few weeks and the previous lanlord / owner went into liquidation.

    If anyone has any previous experience of these bloody sucking turds I'd be grateful for any info recieved. The PI company gained thier business by a cold call on the address involved.

    Gut instinct tells me to approach them with a fistfull of pound notes and a document for them to sign in full and final settlement. My brief has informed me that it cost me a small fortune to try and defend.

    My indemnity policy doesn't cover the staircase because I am a penis and assumed I didn't own it....... I am covered for that as of 12.30 today
  2. No advice MDN,

    But OOps,

    My gut instinct would be to fight, the tenants are probably savvy enough to be waiting for a new landlord, and the opportunity to chance their arm.

    Sorry for your situation mate,

  3. i would love to fight them all the way mate, I worked fcukign hard for what I have and I'm not in a hurry to give it to a workshy crackwhore.

    realistically though I could easily spend £5-£10k on a legal suit and defence. If I win I am never going to recover it so is it better to cut losses and turn up with a couple of grand and the offer of a couple of months rent free???

    She is being pushed by a no win no fee shark and needn't give thought to cost, she just waits for the cheque to land through the door.

    If anyone wants to earn £1500 in crisps £20s then all you have to do is hurl off a balcony (just not mine) :D
  4. want a team to visit then and sort this out....................could drop in on the "shark" on the way home also MDN................send H hour
  5. It's your own fault for being a negligent tw*t.

    I hope that they send you down for 20 years.

    In fact, I'll pay her legal fees.
  6. I am not an expert on this - have you consulted a solicitor yet?

    For the claim to succeed there must be:

    duty, breach and damage

    Did you have a duty of care to the tenant at the time the accident occurred ie did you own the property at the time the accident happened?

    Did you breach that duty, which lead to the accident occurring. Was it foreseeable that this accident would occur if you did / didn't do X?

    Were the damages claimed reasonably foreseeable?

    Can you claim any of this back off the seller?

    What I am saying is I'm no expert, but don't panic - that's what this scum rely on - go and see a solicitor, and then make a decision - just because someone has "hurt" themselves doesn't mean you will lose your house.

    BTW should the solicitor who dealt with your purchase not have advised you of this risk?
  7. Having re-read your original post - delete solicitor, and insert another solicitor.
  8. Yep am more guilty than a puppy standing next to a pile of poo

    However, today I have contacted said chav, directly, against the advice of the brief.

    Seems their greed for money and lack of briefing on the ambulance chasers side will hopefully be thier downfall. Have waved a seemingly insignificant amount under there noses for a rapid conclusion and full and final settlement... She just seemed more interested in when she could have it instead of how much.

    All I need to do then is spark out the bent **** that stitched me with them in first place
  9. Strange that staircase was not in details of property when you bought it. Did the tenant come with the deal?
  10. CoD Suggests you counter sue for tresspass, or did the person involved have the correct healthy and safety procedures for using said staircase???
    If the person involved has used the staircase within the last 7-10 days, she would know there was a problem, and you cannot be held responsible. IF she knew about it then or previous to your purchase of the building, there is no case to answer, or shouldnt be.

    My own thoughts from experience, when taking a property previously owned by another "person" take pics of anything offensive, stained, or broken, when you first take occupancy. At least that way you have some sort of comeback.
  11. I hope you will not be renewing said chav's contract when it expires thus forcing the balls ache of a move for her. Also, if you do hand over a wad of cash as an out of courter, mug her as she goes off to the bank/pub/crackhouse/dealer with it. That'll learn 'er
  12. Or bump up the rent to recover the money quicker.