Landline / Broadband Slammed

Discussion in 'Hardware - PCs, Consoles, Gadgets' started by Border_Reiver, Mar 14, 2013.

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  1. I have just been informed by my current ( Ex ) broadband and telephone supplier that I have been " slammed " and have without my permission been moved to a different supplier .

    I need help here ... anyone had a similar experience ... what do I do to get back to my original suppler .
  2. Ofcom | How to avoid being slammed
  3. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    In what sort of scenario would someone be giving out there personal details over the phone to someone they don't know or are unsure what company they work for? Or is some data being sold on to 3rd parties?
  4. Well I certainly give my details out over the phone .
  5. Is it possible to find out via a dialling out number the name of my new supplier ? At the moment I have no idea who it is or what tarrif i am on .

    When out earlier today the Answerphone indicated we had received a call from 001051 ... I am reluctant to ring this number ... any suggestions as to what this could be ?
  6. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Had a similar thing with the electric company last year.

    I'm at home one morning with a stinking hangover and a young Asian lad with a lisp and a heavy accent knocks on the door saying he's from the electricity and/or gas board and can he check meters etc.

    I let him in, he flashes some official looking ID. I literally cannot understand a single word that is coming from his mouth, a combination of his accent, lisp and the fact that he is speaking incredibly quickly.

    I nod my head a few times, waiting for him to **** off. He checks the meter, writes some shit down etc. Finally he says he's done, produces some paperwork, asks me to sign and that's that.

    Seeing that the signing sheet is stapled to some other paperwork folded over, I decide to have a quick gander at what's overleaf. Turning it over, I find it's a contract to switch energy providers. Obviously I then give him 5 seconds to leave the house before very bad things happen.

    If memory serves, he was from NPower. Luckily I clocked what was going on, but many wouldn't.
  7. Well not much success yet .... I have been able to establish about six companies I am not with .... seems very odd that a switch can take place without the consent of the customer ... plodding on .
  8. Just type the number into the top right- hand Google box and press search.

    It usually comes up, or click on a link
  9. No joy with an away from ARRSE Google search .
  10. Won't your old provider tell you who they've passed your account to?

    Or cancel all direct debits for your phone/broadband and set up new accounts for both.
  11. No I have had several converstions and appeently they are not advised of the name of the new provider .... just a request to move .

    Will ensure that the DD is cancelled after I have paid my current bill .

    No sales plug but when I spoke to Plus Net the advised me that they had a feature which requires their customers to enter a password before an account may be transferred .
  12. Several years ago when new energy suppliers started springing up , they had blokes going round the doors trying to get people to switch . A common ploy was when you said you weren't interested they asked you to sign a form to say they had visited you . It was however a switchover form . He deals with all that and I said I couldn't sign but to come back when he was in...never saw him again. If I remember right lots of OAPs got caught out.

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