Landing Point Commander


Did this course several years ago but haven't used the qual or been validated since.

So does this mean I'm not qualified anymore :?:

If so how do I get requalified - is the only way to redo the course or is their a refresher.


You are out of date, but you can be updated by a Heli handling Instructor or go to RAF Odiham for a refresher.


thanks guys

bm, I guess thats the SPSI with the related badges or Yaris?

How long is the HHI course, is it interesting etc. Am I right in thinking this qual doesn't run out as quickly as LPC? (need a course 1-2 weeks b4 April 06)
Polar, let me know if you are up for the HHI, I want to do it too.
We have moved some FFR's to practise slipping into built up areas against expected refugee flow and for rapid deployment, onlt problem is we have to wait for the LPC and HHI to arrive by road at the moment! This sort of defeats the rapid bit.

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