Landing Craft and Amphibious Doctrine / capability

Discussion in 'RLC' started by EX_STAB, Aug 18, 2007.

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  1. How many Landing Craft do we have all told?

    It seems the RLC has two medium ones in Cyprus and four small ones to share between the Falklands and UK.

    How many have the Navy got? Do we expect to do everything by helicopter nowadays?

    Come to think of it - do we have the capability to put a CR2 onto a beach under fire?

    Edit to title to better reflect what this will hopefully develop into.
  2. Not sure which Landing craft were available at the time (1991/1992 approx) but with a CR2 aboard they couldn't get off the beach so to speak once one was loaded . We expierienced similiar problems even trying to get one aboard a US aircraft (not sure of designation) in so much as that it just did not fit .
  3. 17 P&M Regt have several RCLs on their books (these are the ones referred to in Cyprus). They are CR2 capable, look like this but are not capable of being transported in or on any in-service ship (ie they either self deploy (slowly) or are moved on a commercial heavy lift vessel):

    However, it's worth noting that the CR2 itself isnt really beach capable. So, the suggestion that there might be something amiss with procurement in the, incorrect in any case, assertion that we don't appear to have 'anything that can get a CR2 on the beach under fire' is slightly misplaced. Indeed, why else would we spend so much of the tax payers hard-earned on Viking. That's not to say that the Cdo Bde arent up for working alongside CR2...

    Incidentally, the 4 x LSD(A)s do not have their own landing craft. However, they are designed to operate with both MEXEFLOTE (which can carry just about anything inc CR2) and the LCU (Landing Craft Utility). Furthermore, the RCL cannot work easily with the LSD(A) as they are too wide and tall to fit in the back ( you can get a MEXE in the back though). LSD(A)s are operated by the RFA whereas the LPDs are operated by the RN; this should give an indication of the extent of their role. UK Defence no longer has any ships that are (deliberately) beachable (less the one remaining LSL, Sir Bedivere (which is due imminent retirement anyway) and less the commercial vessel that is used to resup the Hebrides).

    Crap pic of an LCU:



    These days, if you want a CR2 to appear on the map anywhere fast, you can stick it in the cack of one of these bad boys:
  4. RCL......somewhere VERY cold!


    LCL beached.........somewhere VERY hot!


    Stern gate of LSL, loading kit onto MEXEFLOTE.


    RCL beached, LSL out at sea in the background.

  5. If Viking, (good as it may be) is the only, ahem, armoured vehicle we can assault a beach with I would venture that we don't have any capability.

    We really ought to be able to land CR2 and WR.

    I suppose Scorpion (i.e 76mm gun) would be of some help to support Viking but of course we scrapped or converted them all... :roll:

    You would think that OP Overlord was sufficiently significant to stick in the minds of the service chiefs.
  6. I have been told apparently you can get a cr2 on the deck of a RCL but you cant get It down the ramp.
  7. I'm not absolutely certain but I think that may be complete tosh.

    Hang on, I'll make a phone call...
  8. Yep, thought so. You can.
  9. that's what I love about ARRSE!
  10. OK looks like I have been told porky pies, thanks for setting the record straight Dragstrip. I am now going to poke my finger at a certain Pearson and start a argument.
  11. Not relevant, but we used to have 2 x RPLs (as well as 2 x VPL) in Belize too.

  12. Had this by pm for reasons that become obvious:

    So we would have to assualt a beach without armour, armour only becoming available for the breakout?
  13. The biggest thing I have put on a beach was a AS90, and that was off a mexe.
  14. biggest thing I put on the beach was a port operator once.
  15. That's about it. This is what we have a Cdo Bde for I think.

    The bottom line in practice will depend upon the situation. If the commander feels that CR2 is required and it is practical, then it may happen. Why not?

    Practicalities will include whether the terra-analysis concludes that the beach is suitable for Tank. Plain ol' sand is great of course as the heavier you get, the better.

    Incidentally, the HMAV Arakan and HMAV Ardennes were not 'Landing Ships Tank' but Landing Craft Logistic (LCL).