Land rovers

Mate of mine is looking to buy an ex-service Landie on the cheap from these fella's:

He's asked me to find out if there is much difference between these and civvie land rovers, apart from obviously the paint job. Specifically stuff like shocks, engine, etc.

He's actually buying it as a runabout for his missus (who must be easily pleased, mine would settle for nothing less than a brand new Renault Clio!)but would welcome any advice anyone has, particularly REME. :wink:
There are quite a few places to buy ex-mil Landies, either as is or reconditioned to customer spec. Land Rover International or any of the other Landie mags will be full of ads.
Bollocks to the Landie, get her a Spartan, they're selling one on there for £15,000.

Can't find a parking space...then park on top of some poor b*****d :twisted:
Make sure your mate does not get an ex-FFR wagon as these are 24volt and spares (alternator etc) cost a mint.
Also no ex Royal Marines (seawater).
As VB says look in the landie mags, Land Rover Owner seems to have most ads. I got a SIII Lightweight, from Crook Brothers, Preston, about ten years ago. Use it every day, only had to have new clutchplate once and cylinder head gasket once, apart from usual like sparkplugs etc. (touchwood!!). It hurts when HMQ ain't paying for the fuel though
Go for a 90 instead of a series, coil springs, and dont forget to check it has power steering, not all do. Later TDi if you can afford to go that pricey, better than TD.

Expect to keep dipping into your pocket to keep it running, parts are more readilly available then our last runabout ( vorsprung durch technic) and most local garages will be able to cope with it's mechanical simplicity.

If you can get yr mrs to first parade it as well, you should not get too many nasty surprises.

I've been on the white fleet for too long and whilst speed is lacking, had forgotten that other road users certainly keep out of your way!
Thanks for all the replies.
Have passed on your thoughts to my mate. As it turns out she was taught to drive on something similar and is thinking of the fact that he wanted her to be in something safe.............Spartan still comes to mind. :wink: