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Discussion in 'REME' started by walting_matilda, Apr 7, 2008.

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  1. Hi

    Looking to buy a decent ex service rover (110 or 90) Wolf. Is there a way I can contact the army services direct without contacting "rip off" civvy street?
  2. If they get rid of any at an open auction you have a chance, but I think most of the vehicle surplus done by contract now, although I stand to be corrected
  3. Anyone know where the open auction is held?
  4. Not sure if its still the case but I thought you could not get hold of wolfs
  5. Ted the full screw Reme VM at our place may have a few going you have to collect though (Iraqistan)

    however you may find it hard as most of the government places use authorised resellers so you will be stuck with there mark up
  6. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    Witham Specialist Vehicles have an exclusive contract with MOD for disposal of MOD vehicles.

  7. You can get ordinary 110/90's at Withams but they are not that cheap. (check out their website). Also they are getting rarer (unless theiy are completely buggered)

    I believe that most Landrovers are being sent to be re furbished now rather that being sold off -I'm told that 110's are needed for Bowman as its quite heavy.

    Any Wolf's that go thru' there are likely to be write off's and will need complete rebuilding. Last year a winterised wolf (ex RM) went for about 10 grand and it was a right mess.

    You could check out the dealers (look in any L/R mag) but as you say they are a bit of a rip off.

    A friend of mine has got a Wolf and its awaiting rebuilding but he still said he'd want about 7500 for it in its current state.
  8. Technical Question,

    What is the difference between a military TD engine and the civvy. I remember knowing how to do basic maintenance but the civvy engine look so much difference
  9. If you are refering to the engine fitted to the Wolf XD Land rover then it is nothing, its the same engine a 300tdi 2.5 litre Diesel. I believe its one of those urban myths that the military 300tdi is somewhat 'tweaked' another poster on here asked if the 'special turbo' got took off when they were sold off!

    If you are refering to the 2.5 Litre Naturally aspirated engine as fitted to the older 110/90s there is quite a difference.
  10. It’s already gone dead - but I’ll refer you back to a thread I recently started, which may be of interest:

    “Previous model Defender, brand new, hell of a discount!!”

    I know from the civvi Land-Rover magazines that there is a definite difference between the last two engines - 300Tdi and Td5 - if you’re the kind of bloke who enjoys getting grease under his finger-nails !!

    “Only for registration outside the EU/UK. I presume because the 300Tdi engines and the (not so home-mechanic “user-friendly”) Td5 engines, have both been “over-taken” by new emissions regulations !!”

    I agree with other posts above. Since they were introduced, I am pretty certain, there has never been a Wolf put through Witham’s - and, Witham’s do have the monopoly over ex-military vehicle sales.
  11. Am I the only one that would recomend against getting a landrover? Landrovers are notorious for breaking, even civilian models.
  12. You are not alone. I bought a Disco and it's the worst thing I ever did. :cry:
  13. If you are looking for a vehicle for off-roading or just want a 4x4 go for a Japanese vehicle, seriously the build quality is much better and they are tough as old boots.
  14. Wouldn't argue with you there when it comes to the discos, freelanders etc. but I don't think you can beat a defender as a utility vehicle and for robustness off road.

    The G wagen is as good and the land cruiser's doors don't fall off but an old (properly maintained) defender will last for years.

    I own an ex military 110 thats 22 years old and it still looks like its got plenty of life in it.

    I reckon that some of the newer vehicles coming into service are looking a bit over complicated and don't look like they'd be as easy to repair if they break - though I'm ready to be corrected!!

    Is it right that some vehicles aren't 'squaddie proof' anymore?
  15. A mate just parted company with his beloved 110 safari (civvy) with 580k miles on clock, two gear boxes, two diffs and an extremely dodgy service history. Having survived a head between a disco (I was driving) and a mondeo (someone reading his texts was aiming) with a combined speed of over 90mph, I will take Solihull steel chassis over Tokyo tinsel any time