Land Rover

The Countess of Wessex and the Queen were driving around the grounds of Sandringham in Norfolk, when the Land Rover was stopped by a robber. He says to the Queen, “Wind the window down and give me all your money.”

The Queen looks at him in disgust and says, “One is the richest woman in the world, one has no need to carry money.”

So the thief turns to Sophie and demands she hands over her jewellery.

The Countess also looks at him in disgust and says, “My beauty dictates that I have no need to enhance it with jewels.”

The robber cuts his losses and decides to take the Land Rover instead. As the Queen and Sophie walk back to Sandringham House, the Queen asks the Countess of Wessex where she hid all her jewellery.

“Well,” says Sophie, ”when I saw him approaching, I stuffed it all up my fanny. Why what did you do with all the money you were carrying?”

“Same as you,” replied the Queen, “What a shame Camilla was not here, one could have saved one’s Land Rover …”

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