Land rover whine

Got this whine not as persistent as AK but annoying.Think it's my transfer box or might be a diff. I get it mostly about 60mph. not to loud but enough to know it is there.
It's done 111,000 with fairly reg oil changes. any advice on addatives, Don't think we are talking changing unit yet.
Squash some Bannanas into diff and sell it to some dewey eyed prick who think Landrovers are cool!
Sensible answer for a happy more trustworthy society.

You should have seen the amount of pudding and newspapers I stuck in my old Motocross transit. Still cant believe the bloke gave me 300 quid for it.

Sorry more sensible answer will be along shortly.


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A landrover is for life not for christmas.
**** off and die in a fire choking on a chicken bone.

Sorry. Where were we?

Is the whine only there with power on? Like when you are pulling away, but the noise dies off when you are freewheeling? I assume you have checked the levels in your gearbox and transfer box, yes?


Is it only in top gear at 60? Is there any other box noises at other speeds?

Bearing starting to shit itself in top?
Sounds very much like a tyre problem, wheel balance, but another one we used to get with the old Series 111 on wind up, have you had it cross country recently?? if so try taking it up a few curbs and dropping it back on the road.