Land Rover Truck Utility Medium (HT) W/VPK Desertised - Snatch

Discussion in 'Tanks, planes & ships' started by CON445, Jul 31, 2013.

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  1. Hi everyone, I wondered if you can possibly help.
    I'm Ex-RE and seem to have a problem, as I bought a Snatch Land Rover as a project! Joking and obvious mental issues aside - I would like to trace the history of the Snatch in theatre...

    It's Merlin report is as follows

    1993 - 2 RGT RMP 176 PRO COY
    1996 - 5 R IRISH
    2000 - 57 LOG SP SQN RLC
    2003 - GS SQN AMMO TP

    Then I can assume off to Iraq

    2003 - BN BG (UIN A9106C)
    2006 - BCBG(S) (UIN 19002A)
    2006 - FORCE SP REAR (UIN 9092A)
    2006 - BSBG (UIN A9116A)

    Can anyone help in finding pictures of my Snatch in service? Its reg is 30KK29

    Any help would be greatly appreciated...
    If you served in the above area/unit you may just have a picture of my vehicle in theatre!

    I hope so...

    Cheers in advance Paul
  2. You're mad. but what a great project!
  3. IMAG2002.jpg

    There it is, needs a bit of work.. but will be nice when completed.
  4. Cheers Bonnacon,
    I've tried most channels for the rare chance of getting a picture in service, none seem to help.
    I hope on here someone may be sitting on a pile of pictures with one with my name on!

  5. I think you are utterly mad, but that is a cracking project! Beats doing up an old mini or a kit car (although I would personally favour the latter, esp if a Super7).

    Make sure you keep everyone on here informed and keep the photos going - despite the inevitable, almost countless skinned knuckles you will suffer during this project I'm sure you'll have a great time doing it up.
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  6. You mad ****** it'll break lots.
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  7. Jarrod - If you look closely in the picture I have an Ex Logi 110 as well, this is to tow the snatch or for the snatch to tow that. This way I have a 50/50 chance of getting to my destination, maybe.
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  8. Maybe but when a diff breaks...
  9. I've just joined their forum as well.
    There are a few pictures on there but mostly the Snatch 2 and Vixen.
    Mine was a Snatch 1 (NI Spec) then converted to a desertised Snatch 1.5, so the pictures on there are a bit new... I'm hoping to locate 2003-2006 pictures in theatre.

    If a diff breaks I'll have to buy something powerful and more reliable to tow both!
  10. Aaaah. Desertised SNATCH - Op CHILE (geddit?) as I remember. I have a photo somewhere of loading these ******* by the 20 load onto a B747 freighter in Basra to bring them back to UK to get them 'desertised' and then send them back again. Challenging when the aircraft loads through the nose..........

    Given the vast amount of digipics out there you have a fantastic chance of getting photos if you can reach the right people.........
  11. Thanks for your reply Bubbles_Barker

    Any chance you could dig the loading pictures out> would be amazing to locate mine there...
  12. You aren't going to find any pictures of it on operations from 1996-2000 while it was with 5 R IRISH. It will have spent most of its time parked in Ballykinler with the occasional trip to Magilligan, the idle creatures.