Land Rover to be Brown Lettered

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by SKJOLD, Dec 23, 2004.

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  1. Heard a rumour Solihulls finest is to be shelved because it cant accept Bowman, and Solihull will not adapt the fleet.

    Any truth?
  2. Why the heck are we spending so much converting the LRs we still have to BOWMAN?

    If the replacement is due in 2006, surely the installation programme could be adjusted to get some other equipments through first?
  3. :?: Would like to say there is a logical solution, but I doubt it. 8O
  4. Surely FCLV isn't intended to replace all LRs?
    Even all FFRs...

    It's kinda overspecified if it is.
  5. Arrrrrr! that old chestnut. You see the problem with all new equipment developed for the army is that it is concieved, planned and excicuted by boffins!!!!!!!! Who of course have never served in the army, have no idear of the real purpose of the equipment, where and what it is supposed to do and how robust it needs to be to put up with service. If of course these boffins were to go to the man on the floor ie the final user before attempting to design/concieve a new military product there would be a good chance that at the end you may, only may have a usable, useful piece of kit!!!! One day!!! but don't hold your breath. :evil:
  6. Heard a nasty rumour that L/R's to be scrapped/no more contract, and that PinzGauers were going to be vehicle of choice for whole fleet.
    Whitehall spending money they don't have
    Land Rover £15 k each roughly
    PinzGauer £70 k each roughly
    Both exclusive of spec fit eqpt
    Smaller more flexible fleet you think?
    And Pinz Gauer are part British owned so some U.K. jobs saved too,
    Land Rover are apparently non-preffered as not British owned/controlled
  7. Is it just me, or does that look suspiciously like a hummer? Or to be more precise the Spanish rip off of the hummer that the Spanish were using in the sandpit?

    I cant see the entire fleet being replaced, theres really no need. The pinzgauer is being procured for specific comms system fits where the Land Rover is inappropriate. I cant see Gordon Brown shelling out for a complete replacement.

  8. having met a boffin who was working on the sight for trigat he was rather shocked to see what manportable really involved.
    maybe a couple of Jncos should be attached to every project to ask the akward questions. That senior officers seem unable or unwilling to ask .
  9. msr

    msr LE

    Dr D,

    I think you'll find that the problem lies not with the boffins, who do what they are told, but rather with those who draw up the specifications for the kit, who a) don't have a realistic grasp of what is actually possible (e.g. the protection of CR2 with the weight of a L/R) and b) keep changing their mind as to what they want (

  10. I thought landrover wanted to get out of military market as corporate
    stragegy saw more profit in chelsea tractors sorry civilian 4x4 .
    or maybe they just couldnt be bothered
  11. all I know is my staffy told my troop that the full bowman package for FFR landrovers, doesn't actually fit in the land rover, and part of it has to be carried in a 3/4t trailer.

    so back to 351s for the moment I suppose. at least, since the 'bowmanisation' of my squadron was put back another year (2006 or7 I think)