Land Rover Snatch

.. this may well have been covered before,...if it has I apologise.

There has been some press coverage of late about the suitability of the Snatch in Iraq.

A significant number of the most recent British casualties have involved occupants of the above.

Admittedly its better than L/Rover Wolf unarmoured as per Telic 1 and 2, but in the light of the increased sophistication of IED's, surely more heavily protected vehicles ie Warrior are more appropriate.

Are the policitians or senior management not protecting Brit service personnel properly?

The US is investing massively in up armouring anything with wheels on it.

Its cheap and there is nothing else availble considering how much the war is supposed to have cost us tax payers .Youd think the troops would be riding round in hovver tanks and getting bored with quail eggs and caviar sarnies and only crystal to drink . :twisted:
Whats the difference between the Snatch and the Pig that was used in NI? Both uparmoured Rovers for those not-quite-war-but-not-quite-peace occasions aren't they?

And to echo tooold; APV??
APV is the heavy(ish) duty Land Rover used in areas such as West Belfast (a bit like the RUC/PSNI Hotspur). I think its been replaced by the Tavern (looks like a big green square post office van) whereas the Snatch (great name) is the lighter protected version as seen over the rest of the Province, especially in rural areas.
The Humber Pig;

Not many would fcuk with one of these trundling down the Springfield Rd. Usually driven by a lunatic RCT driver, those feckers could chuck these mammoths around like Ayrton Senna on LSD.

The APV (Armoured Patrol Vehicle) was called the 'Piglet'. The early ones were based on a Series III LR but only had 'plastic' (Makralon I believe) armour. The later ones were based on the Defender 110 and had a bit more substantial armour designed to withstand RPG and IAAG attacks (worked quite well. From personal experience ;)) but handled slightly worse than a cross channel ferry due to being very top heavy.
To allow for a slightly more nimble rural version, the Snatch was introduced. The same wagons that are currently being used in Iraq.
Fcuking 'ell Flashy that looks like something out of that film Aliens! All you need is the dropship and some facehugging marine-disembowelling barstewards now!

It is kind've making sense now why we have so many different types. Surely with NI calmed down though we could make do with one type of riot van. Like the starter of this thread said, perhaps something with a bit more steel between you and the nasties, if Snatches aren't too hot in this department...
: The pigs got sold off as no longer required though to make them road legal in the uk the armour had to come off .Remeber some
loon mounted a sound system on one for the road protests police got very excited (probably saw it as an excuse to buy bigger guns and rocket launchers :) ) Saw a photo of it bogged down in a ploughed field and that was the end of the threat of anarchist armour.An armoured box with some cross country ability , ability
to keep the occupants alive if hit by ied and air con so they dont fry in it .If arktis sold it would probly cost 50 grand for mod will cost
4 million each . :lol:
APV were the Ser 3 LR and 110 LR based up armoured vehs used to replace some of the Pigs and Saracen when they were replaced (at the age of about 40 years!) after a calming down in NI (the remanider being replaced by up armoured SAXON). They wore Steel and spaced armour and makrolon skin. They were based upon prototypes from Shorland (Shorts and Harland & Wolf) and Sandringham (now part of Penmans) and were quite similar to the Hotspur and current Tangi used by the PSNI (RUC) thought the RUC had meny variants more the the Army including 6 wheelers.

The Santch :lol: was a purpose built light armoured LR based on the uprated 110 and designed to replace the VPK fitted series trucks (VPK = Vehicle Protection Kit fitted to and removed from std serires LRs and made of Makrolon and Steel). It could never stand IAAG, PRIG, RPG etc attack and indeed was never designed to do so.

TAVERN was an almost of the shelf buy based on a GMC cash carrier from the US and seems to have less room than any of them! Never seen protection standard tested so who knows.

The pigs had to be de armoured to be made road legal due to weight as they exceeded their axle weight with no extra load. There was one the Reel to Reel video for Move It in the early 90s that was hooning around the bits of Kings X that is now a building site.

I've no suggestions which vehicle would be better for Iraq as I haven't been there and can't see the current fleet being appropriate. The M9994/5/6/etc Hummers are getting trashed as well and are far harder armoured than a Snatch or APV. Saxon -no, Warrior- Tracks and all that brings. A new wheeled Multi role IFV there's a new idea! (LAV, Cougar, BRDM etc.......... oh not a new idea then :roll: )
fatblerk said:
I've no suggestions which vehicle would be better for Iraq as I haven't been there and can't see the current fleet being appropriate. The M9994/5/6/etc Hummers are getting trashed as well and are far harder armoured than a Snatch or APV. Saxon -no, Warrior- Tracks and all that brings. A new wheeled Multi role IFV there's a new idea! (LAV, Cougar, BRDM etc.......... oh not a new idea then :roll: )
Ref the Humvees - as our US colleagues are finding out, more steel armour is not always better - simply means more dockyard confetti being thrown about when the inevitable penetration occurs...

Actually the NI Saxon Patrol is a pretty good vehicle for this kind of role. The extra survivability modifications it recieved (which are still classified btw) would make it highly resistant to many types of IED.

The high ground clearance and 'v' hull amek it the closest thing we have to a mine protected vehicle.

The tactical mobility may suck hind tit, but if you want something for cruising round downtown Basrah, its pretty good.


Good old pigs and saracens, cut my riot teeth on those so to speak. Ah real vehicles in a real era of soldiering, back to the recliner now!
philosopher said:
Did some of the pigs get sold off to American police forces, or have I just dreamed that up?
I remember reading on ARRSE, in fact, that a southern US police department bought an army surplus Saladin (is that the six-wheeler) as a SWAT-team support vehicle type thingie.

In the mid-late90's I attended various public order events where demonstrators were using armoured vehicles as the platform for sound systems and general tomfoolery. I remember, variously, a Humber Pig done up in a rather attractive flower-power theme, the notorious bright pink Abbot Gun of Brixton (complete with 8' high papier mache pig wearing a police helmet sat on the top) and even a rather ropey-looking T-55 (usually done up in, yes, pink or home-brew desert colours).

They were totally legit, too.

Isn't the Snatch also known as the Composite Armour Vehicle (CAV)?
The pig was based on the Humber 1 ton , naff all to do with landrover , and yours truly did a couple of tours in both Pigs and Saracens , bloody awful motors thats why the Inf. had to give them up couldn't handle them , so they brought in the "experts" the RCT , kin ell 40 hours daytime drivivg , 40 hours, battened down and then the same for night time driving
Best tour was with the R.E. out of girdwood trying to follow the Scoobies , Hilerious (sp)
All the Best
Wouldnt want to be cutting about in a tavern in any sort of heat.
Bad enough come Drumcree sunday on a balmy summers evening in norn iron.

Add another 35 degrees and boil in the box troops.
Good for Public order as you'll never push the fecker over, but as mobile as an iso container.
A few Pigs ended up as hard targets at Otterburn. There were a couple on the LAW range that looked like they'd been attacked by red indians on account of the scores of 66 sub-cal devices sticking out of the tyres.

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