Land Rover S1 phone

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by bigeye, Jul 27, 2009.

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  1. You can park an elephant on it.
    It can spend 30 mins under a metre of water
    It's got weeks of standby time
    It's got an extra loud speaker for 'noisy environments'
    It has a GPS, phone and camera
    It's black (or red) and has Land Rover stamped on on it.

    In short, it's perfect for roughhouse locations.

    Unfortunately I can't get one. It would be nice to think the MoD have snapped up hundreds of the things for obvious reasons.

    Anyone out there got one, seen one, selling one?

    I hope this hasn't been done before - I did do a search.
  2. If you look down three or four threads theres a whole other thread about it....... how could you have missed that :?
  3. I read recently, however cannot find the link, that they are to be sold initially in the UK through TESCO. (not on there website yet)

    However a quick search by Google

    See, didn't think I was going mad and making things up.....

  4. Gomobile are flogging them - about £259 outright or get it for "free" on an Orange monthly plan ...

  5. Not sure...

    I'm also trying to get a sim free one.

  6. Thanks - had already tried them a while ago. They were saying that out of the phone was out of stock and they could only supply with Orange contract in any case.

    Saw your post and tried them again: it now seems they have them and can supply them unlocked with a pay as you go. perfect.

    I owe you a pint.
  7. Thanks all.

    I've just ordered one. Orange pay to talk, but the phone is unlocked so I can use my own sim.
  8. I got mine from there last week. Still trying to work out how the GPS works though - they have a Java application embedded for amAze, but it seems that I have to have to be online on it to use it?

    Maybe I'm just doing it wrong ... I just thought I should be able to use GPS wherever, whenever?
  9. You would have thought so.
    Mine turns up tomorrow - I'll have a fiddle with it.
  10. I eagerly await the results of your fiddling then! I've never tried a phone with a GPS so I'm a bit of a newby in that respect.
  11. I took the thing away on a trip but had no luck making the gps feature work at all.

    I've checked with the manufacturers who advise that you have have the correct GPRS settings in place (profile 5). However if you have an unblocked phone and stuck your own contract SIM card in then this won't help.

    The German chap at Sonim told me to check with my service provider what their APN and GPRS setttings should be.

    However when I spoke with the handless miserable old baggage at TMobile I was given the impression that a) It's not possible and b) the operator was in need of a good dry slap.

    Sonim are coming back tome with more info.
  12. What's the camera like?
  13. well its a 2meg pixle so not the best but better than none i suppose ,Bigeye did you need to get it unlocked ?

    I want to use the phone on Vodafone will this work (ive been told it wont by tesco )or does the Orange hand set only work with orange and Tmobile ?
  14. Difficult to tell as I keep getting shots of my fat fingers but seems ok. I rarely use them as I've normally got my little leica handy.