Land Rover replacvement

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by BRIAN, May 17, 2005.

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  1. I ve heard not too long ago that the days of the Wolf are numbered, to be replaced by the Mercedies military vehicle...

    Any one know about this.

    Apparently the wolfs are too expensive to maintain.

    Also is it spelt wolfs or wolves...
  2. The Mercedes G Wagon. See piccy link below.

    Canadian Mercedes G Wagon

    G Wagon Technical Specifications

    VARIANTS: 3 (Basic, Command and Reconnaissance, Military Police)
    TYPE: 4 Pax Station Wagon
    ENGINE: 5-cylinders
    DRIVETRAIN: 4X4 permanent all-wheel drive, 5-speed automatic
    TIRES: Michelin XZL 8.25R16 with optional run-flat inserts.
    GRADEABILITY: 60 percent
    PAYLOAD: 1 500 kg Max (incl APS)

    Canadians already used them in Afghanistan. Looks alright to me. Does this mean that there will be some decent wolves coming onto the market in the near future?
  3. Unless vastly improved they're pants... had them at AFCENT in the mid 90's. Ok older varient then but those were....

    Very underpowered, acceleration not unlike an old bedford being pushed by 10 sappers 8O also came with a x-country capability akin to those old chevettes the padres used to chug around in and a p*ss poor turning circle.

    Good thing? comfy... if yr a short arse! :lol:
  4. Iwas told it was something to do with Bowman not fitting in the back of a Land Rover or the wrong power supply or something hence the switch to Mercedes .
  5. I'm sure I saw a report on this on the mod website , there was also somehting about the replacment for the bedford
  6. What about Pinz Gauer - in service - excellent piece of kit.

  7. spare parts due to run out in the not too distant future but great bit of kit!
  8. Well how about we take over the rover plant and get some people making the parts and throwing new ones out the front door? Just a suggestion but would kill two birds with one stone..
  9. Thats just for the pinz made by steyr puch
    I'm waiting for them to have to sell off the C2 6wheel version
    I'll have smthg to fit my mountain bike into w/o having to take the front wheel off which is turbo chargedand when i can't be botherd to cycle to the top of the mountain it'll take me!
  10. Used them recently with NATO. The 5 speed auto is an improvement on the manual, but its still underpowered. Fine as a basic command vehicle or staff taxi, but i wouldnt like to load it with kit and expect it to perform. If BOWMAN wont fit into a landrover, i cant see it fitting into a GD.

  11. 307

    307 War Hero

    this is the problem with the powers that be, we have a great bit of kit that is reliable, seriously powerful for it's size, easily airmobile (to fit in with the new rapid reaction ideas), and has a multidtude of uses. But we can't keep them cause they are costly to maintain, no parts etc. Nothing worth having was ever easy. My bty. has already lost it's Pinnys, instead we have the TUH the crappy RB44, an outdated, delapidated, underpowered piece of crap, that the only thing it has going for it is the space in the back. I say keep the Pinnys, keep the majority of rovers, bring in the new Alvis 4x4, that is our light duties fleet sorted, you have the snatches, WIMIKs and ambulances etc. in the rover family the alvis will fit BOWMAN i believe as it's more of a humvee vehicle and the pinnys will tow guns, carry troops, carry supplies etc. etc. A land rover in an emergency is also just capable of towing a light gun, they are good bits of kit.
  12. Yup, would agree there totaly 307...

    8O did I just agree with a gunner there?... Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh...

    Amazing what you can drag around with a rover...

    At Corp Lights (HQ 1BR Corp Lighting Troop) we used to sit a couple of sappers on the front of a 1/2 tonne airportable rover and drag 40Kw gennies around 7 Sigs Camp 8O great on the straight, but oh wot fun on the corners :lol: .... funny but the fitters got pretty good at changing clutches, wonder why :roll:
  13. 307

    307 War Hero

    its you and your eating up of clutches thatcs caused the bloody parts shortage I bet! :lol:
  14. Ooops :oops: