Land rover replacement

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Livin_on_a_prayer, May 22, 2006.

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  1. Looks like the hummer,

  2. Yeah, seen it before. It looks pretty good.

    But beware! Its badged as British, but its not. (German/French design, built in Italy, from memory).

  3. Yeah, its built in Italy.
  4. and it needs a trailer by all accounts because the bowman fit is so big!!
  5. The upside to this of course is that it can probably withstand a fair amount of fire from the rear. And you can interpret that any way you want ;-)

  6. To me it looks like an even more updated hummer!
    *As some of you have stated..

    Saying that I have not really had a go in an Army (Not sure if it's land or range, sorry) Rover, how do these compare in protection/speed/usefulness to a hummer or this new looking CLV thing? & would the UK have to buy the rights them make them here in the UK or could we just buy them straight off the Italian manufacture? (I'm not sure how this all goes, with equipment as I'm still in TA RT1~6 training)..

    Quite enjoyed the bashing we got from the 4 tonne army truck we were running around in this weekend though, wooden seats and people rolling about with the kit also being used as seats :) quite a laugh to see people being bashed about!
  7. The last thread about these seemed to focus on how cr@p the company's reputation for reliability was.
  8. How many reverse gears?
  9. But you do realise that the british have chosen this no-mark company to make the vehicle even though humvee have offered us a contract several times but we were to shitting tight to even look at their proposal eh??????
  10. It could also be that the Hummer isn't actualy that good....

    T C
  11. What got me from the site was the last comment:

    OK you running around in a war zone and are realy concerned with the polution you're chucking out.
  12. All part of the not-so-secret agenda to buy European no matter what the cost, so we can be part of a Euro army that'll never be able mount any operations. As opposed to buying cheapish battle-tried equipment from a Superpower ally with whom we are constanly mounting significant operations....
  13. That's interesting as any truck supplied in the UK after 1 Oct has to have a Euro IV engine - has Crown immunity snuck back in ??? Does MOD pay the congestion charge in London ??? If so, you'll not be driving many of these around there as Ken Livingstone is about to widen it to the Greater London area and at the same time introduce a pollution rated surcharge and Euro III will get hammered.
  14. What's wrong with the landrover?

    Could we not have commisioned an updated military version of the defender or disco?
  15. I dont think landrover was intrested in the military market .Rather flog suvs .Its good for its role but not a landrover replacement as .
    We are only buying 485 .Bet we need more than that to replace the landies .Or are the cuts going to be drastic ?